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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
12 March 2020

Key changes:


Displaying element size

When you change the size of an element, the information about its size is displayed. Thanks to this, you can see the current dimensions of the element you are editing.

Auto RWD function improvement

We've added the option to undo the automatic RWD using the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut. If the changes made by automatic RWD do not suit you, you can quickly undo them and make your own modifications. Thanks to this you will quickly create a website adapted to smartphones and tablets

Advanced control over the position of the text in the slider

You can now set the position of the text on the slider in percentage. Thanks to this, you can easily adapt the slider to your needs.

How to use this feature?

Select the text box on the slider. 

Then enable the Position and dimension function in the Settings panel.

You can also edit the text by selecting Text in the image in the Edit field.

Now in the Position and Size fields, you can choose the units you will use when changing the position of the text on the slider. For example, if you want to set the text field to be half the size of the slider, select 50%. Now, regardless of the size of the slider, the text will occupy 50% of its width. 

Acceleration of page display

We've made many improvements to make your site show up quicker. This will help users see your site's content faster and Google will rate it better. 

  • When the page loads, a lower quality image is initially loaded;

  • We’ve accelerated the loading of websites by optimizing the structure of the page;

  • We've optimized PWA loading.


Improved text editor

When you switch to the advanced text editor, we keep your current text appearance. Thanks to this, working with the text will become even faster.




12 March 2020

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