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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
16 August 2019

The most important changes:


New way of adding webmasters

Teamwork is one of the most unique features in WebWave. Now, you can add webmasters to work on a project with you in a new way! 

Enter the Webmaster's Panel and next to a website press More options. In the menu, select Access to the website, where you can add new members and manage them.  

Enter the e-mail address of the new members. They will get an e-mail with an invitation to accept.

After accepting the invitations, new members will see the website in their Webmaster's Panel. 


Styling changes in the Webmaster's Panel

We have introduced a few styling changes in the Webmaster's Panel to make working in it even more intuitive. What's changed?

  • Websites with an active Premium Plan got a blue ribbon;
  • Button "Renew Premium Plan" is now in the "More options" menu;
  • The color of "More options" and "Enable Premium" has been changed.


Pasted elements appear above the selected layer automatically

From now on, pasted elements appear above the previously selected layer automatically, not at the beginning of the Layers panel. 


How to use this feature?

Copy any element on a webpage (we copied the green rectangle), then on a different webpage select a layer and paste the element. It will appear in the Layers panel above the selected layer, not at the beginning of the panel as it would before. 

Thanks to this feature, pasted elements do not appear at the top of the Layers panel, which means they no longer overlap all the other elements on a website.

14 August 2019

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