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14 January 2021

Key changes:



Comments on the website project

This feature allows you to get feedback on the project even before the page is published. This will make the workflow faster especially for people who work in teams and create websites for clients.


How to use this feature? 

This feature is available only to people with an active Agency account.

In the upper right corner of the website builder window, select the commenting mode icon. Then click the Add new comment button. Find the spot where you want to add a note and click it. Enter the text and confirm with the Add button.





To get feedback on your website even before it's published, you can send your customers a link. To do this, click the Send link button, which you will find in the top menu. Your client will be able to add comments even without a WebWave account.




If you or your client would like to reply to a comment, just click Reply and add the text. Comments can also be marked as complete. To do this, click on the ellipsis symbol and select Resolve. Then the color of the pinned comment will change from red to green. You can delete unnecessary comments.




To go from commenting mode to page creation mode, click the Back to page overview button





14 January 2021

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