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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
14 May 2020

Key changes:


Element effects for the button

From now on, you can edit the button's effects that can be seen when hovering over it. This will add even more amazing filters to your buttons.

How to use this feature?

Select the button you want to edit. In the Settings panel in the State list, select Hover.

You can now edit the effects

They will be visible on the published page when the user hovers over the button.


Icon bank available in an advanced text editor

We've made it easier to add icons in the text box.

How to use this feature?

In the advanced text editor, click the image icon.

Select Icon Bank, and then click the icon you want to use.

The selected icon will appear in the text box.


Webmaster panel -showing pages with an active Premium Package exclusively

When you have more pages, you can easily filter the list to see only those with an active Premium Package.

How to use this feature?

In the Webmaster Panel, in the Show field (you can find them at the top of the page) select the Premium option.

14 May 2020

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