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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
22 July 2019


The most important changes:


SEO Analyser

That's right! One of the most demanded features is now in WebWave!

Improve your positioning with the newest functionality - SEO Analyzer on each subpage. 


How to use this feature?

Go to the website builder, in the Settings Panel go to Webpage and enter SEO settings. 

Select SEO analysis and in the popup window type in the key phrase.

After typing in the key phrase press CHECKING SEO button. The tool will tell you whether the webpage is optimized well and what you can do to improve.

Next to each important SEO factor, you will see a red, yellow or green dot, which represents the level of compatibility with search engine requirements. 

When you click on each factor, you will see instructions on how to improve. 

New Webmaster's Panel

Have you logged in to the Webmaster's Panel already?

There is a new style of website list, which makes moving around projects even more intuitive! 

To see all the options select "More options". 

New style of the menu edition window

We have also refreshed the style of menu edition window. 

To see additional information select Webpage.

19 July 2019

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Webmaster's panel

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