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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
22 April 2021

Key changes:



Possibility to add product shipping options in the online store settings 

From now on, you can set several shipping options for products, as well as prices for these options. The purpose of this feature is to provide online store owners with more customer service options. This improvement is the next step in the WebWave team's plan to expand the e-commerce part of the platform.


How to use this feature? 

Go to the online store settings in the top menu. Enable shipping of products. Now you can specify a price and complete the description of the standard delivery option, as well as add unlimited shipping options for your products.





Possibility to customize the WebWave affiliate link

You can recommend the WebWave website builder to everyone who wants to create their own website, thanks to the Affiliate program Recommend and earn money. Today we have implemented a new feature that allows you to customize your referral link. In its default state, the link contains the unique identification number of your account. From now on, however, you can replace it with any word, e.g. with your own name. This will make the link look professional and easier to remember.


How to use this feature? 

Go to the Webmaster Panel. Enable the WebWave recommendation option. Fill in the field and click I'M BEGINNING  TO RECOMMEND. Click the add a new link button to specify what your personalized link should look like.




22 April 2021

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