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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
26 November 2020

Key changes:



Anchoring an element to the top of the page as the page is scrolled

Thanks to this feature, you can hook an element in such a way that it does not move only when the top of this element is in the upper part of the browser window.


How to use this feature?

Select the chosen item. Go to PRO mode. In the Settings Panel, select Fixed element. Then in the list below, select On top while scrolling.




More convenient interface for working with dynamic elements

Now you can conveniently position the selected element relative to the edge of the browser window.


How to use this feature?

Select an item. Go to PRO mode. In the Settings Panel, in the Position and dimension section, click the Dynamic Position switch. You can align it to the left or right side of the screen. The element will move to the appropriate place.




A more convenient payment management window for the Premium Plan

We have introduced a new, more easy-to-use window with information regarding payments for the Premium Plan. In the new window you will find all the information needed to renew the Premium Plan automatically, update the subscription period, unsubscribe or connect a new card so you never miss a payment.


How to use this feature?

Enter the Webmaster Panel and click the text under the thumbnail of the page with the Premium Plan. Now you can conveniently manage your subscription.






26 November 2020

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