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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
01 March 2019

The most important changes:


Place an "Add to shop cart" button next to products

Good news! Thanks to the WebWave team, WebWave users can add to their websites even more complex online store!

With changes implemented in news layouts, you can link news list features with a store.  

This new feature allows you to add to news layout an "Add to the shopping basket" button and edit products in every new news made with this particular layout. 

It became easier to add new products and divide them into categories. 


How to use this feature?

Go to Webmaster's Panel in WebWave and select a website. 

You need to start with creating a new News Layout. 

Place elements with an accuracy up to 1px.

Add to news layout an "Add to shop cart" button. You need to fill in a product description.  

If you want to change layout name, go to Settings Panel -> News Layout.


To hide news date, select the date and in Layers Panel click on the green eye on Desktop, Tablet and mobile screens. 


To add new products, you need to create a new article with this news layout, click on the button and edit product details.


Fill in the name, description, add a photo and a price.

This kind of a website with a product can be displayed in a Newsfeed List. 

Firstly, you have to create a category and add newspages with products to it. 


In News List select the category. You can edit list layout, style etc in Newsfeed settings. 

This is how an exemplary, based on this article, online shop works.


28 February 2019 

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