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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
05 December 2019



Automatic formatting of images to .webp format on published pages


Thanks to this change, published pages load faster. This improves user comfort and the position of websites in SEO rankings.


Searching subpages, articles or elements in Action


Now you can create internal links faster and find the desired items on the selection list.

How to use this feature?

Select the item for which you want to create a link. In the Settings Panel, expand the Click action (link) section.

Choose one of the following options: Webpage, Go to newspage or Go to object on page. Start typing the name of the relevant part of the page. The website builder will search for it automatically.


We have restored the context menu


This makes it easier to remove an item, copy it, paste and move it underneath or on top. 

How to use this feature?

Just hover over the selected item and right-click.



Adding subpages in the menu editing window


Thanks to this, you will create your menu faster without thinking about how to create a new subpage.

How to use this feature?

Create a menu by clicking the Website menu button in the panel on the left. You can also edit an existing menu. 


In the menu editing window, enter the name of the new subpage and click the Add button. Then click Save.


The new subpage will be visible in the menu editing window. A new button will appear in the menu and a new subpage will be created automatically. 


5 December 2019

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