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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
09 May 2019

The most important features:


Integration with Google Search Console

Thanks to the integration with Google Search Console, users with the Premium Plan will fasten the process of indexing their websites by the Google search. Tools and reports from the Search Console will help you measure the traffic on your website and improve positioning in search results. 


How to use this feature?

Sign in to your Google account and enter search.google.com/search-console/welcome

Go to URL prefix, type your site address and continue. 


On the next step select verification method the HTML file.


Now, go to the Webmaster Panel and select the website you want to connect with the Google Search Console and go to the builder. In the menu at the top of the creator select "Settings" and "SEO (Google)". 


In the new window click on the big green button "I'M UPLOADING A VERIFICATION FILE" and upload the file.


After uploading the file, go back to the Google Search Console and verify the website. 


Simplified contextual menu


The contextual menu is the menu which appears after right clicking on the element. 

Now, in the simplified menu in a very easy way, you can get edit content, change the style of the element and get element's help. 

Nothing to worry about, functions available in the menu before simplification can still be found in the website builder!

Now, you can now add elements to the layout or to the footer in the Settings Panel in the Element on many pages section.


At the bottom of the Layers Panel, you will find a functionality "Move on top"/"Move to bottom" and "Ungroup". By dragging elements in the Layers Panel, you can also place them in the Layout or footer. 

In order to Undo, Copy, Paste, etc. you can use keyboard shortcuts or in the menu at the top of the website builder select "Edit". 


More convenient access to the icon bank

Starting today, the access to our icon bank is even easier and quicker!

It is now in the Toolbar on the left side of the builder. When you click on the happy face, the icon bank will open. 

8 May 2019

  All new features

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