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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
09 January 2019

The most important changes:


Automatic RWD of default elements in WebWave

In order to make creating responsive websites even easier, WebWave team introduces a new feature - automatic RWD of default elements in WebWave (gallery, slider, lightbox, text element, menu, map, video, HTML element, newsfeed, comments, form). 

It is very easy - a few most frequently used elements in WebWave will automatically adjust to a width of a screen the website is being viewed at.

In other words - the classic menu will automatically change to a hamburger menu on mobile screens, articles list will adequately "roll", lightbox gallery will adjust to screen's width (both layout and number of images in a row).  What's left to do is to place them where you want and it's done!  


Of course, this feature will not affect elements which are already on your website in WebWave.


How to use this feature?

Get started with WebWave and start editing your website.

Add one of WebWave default elements and see how it adjusts on different screens in RWD modes.  

9 January 2019

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