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What is White Label and why it's useful
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In many cases, even large companies do not have sufficient resources to work on slightly more complex projects from A to Z. To deal with this problem, they decide to cooperate with external entities. For this purpose, the White Label option is a good choice. Check what it is and learn how to use it at work.

What is White Label

What is a White Label?

The term White Label comes from the world of music. Record companies used to send sample pressings to radio stations and Djs to promote new songs. Often, in such cases, the album's graphic design was not yet ready. That is why the records were sent in white covers and with white stickers, which only contained the artist's name and song titles. 

In marketing, White Label product is an item made by one company and sold under the brand of another. This often happens in the case of goods offered by large retail chains under own brand. Supermarkets and discounters do not produce cured meat, shavers or washing powders. They outsource the manufacturing process to external entities and then introduce them for sale under their brand.

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White Label in digital marketing

In digital marketing this looks a bit different. Here, we do not sell "physical" products, but the services of external partners that we offer under our own brand.

Examples of such activities include SEO and SEM services, and maintaining profiles on social media.


White Label in WebWave

A good example of White Label is WebWave website builder. Our tool enables cooperation with clients under your own brand.

You can hide the WebWave logo by replacing it with your own, use email and create pages for customers under your domain, as well as collect payments. Thanks to this, the clients will not know that you are using our tool.

By offering services under your own brand you will create a professional image. Your client will associate the solution you choose with you, not its creator

Advantages of White Label

There are several important benefits of using White Label.

By offering services under your own brand you will create a professional image. Your client will associate the solution you choose with you, not its creator.

You will build a coherent model of business communication. Customers will always see your logo and brand. Therefore, they will not mistake the offer for competition.

The products of external partners are usually proven solutions. You will avoid the risk of errors and mistakes that could arise when creating your own tool from scratch.



White Label may be a good solution for companies that want to expand their service portfolio and do not have the resources to create the necessary software themselves.

Thanks to White Label, you will simplify communication with clients, create an image of a professional and use proven, effective solutions. WebWave website creator is a tool that allows you to work under your own brand. If you want to create custom websites, be sure to try it out. You can do it for free and without any time limits.

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Author:  Jan Chmielowski

21 November 2019


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What is White Label and why is it useful?


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