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What's the website good for, if nobody visits it? When creating WebWave website creator, we always attach great importance to how projects created in our tool are positioned in Google. We were curious about the effects of our work in practice. That is why we've decided to conduct research on this subject. We've created 3 almost identical websites using 3 different tools - WebWave, WIX, and Wordpress. For several months we'd been observing in what positions they are displayed in Google search engine. We've analyzed and described the results of our study.

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What were the main assumptions of the study?

We have devoted a lot of work to make our research impartial and authoritative. To do this, we've created a number of assumptions, the most important of which are:

  • Keyword - We’ve come up with the fictional word 'risuskariasus'. The word has supposed to combine tai-chi and crossfit :). Google, before the start of our test, had not returned any results for this word.

  • Random domain - We've generated a .pl domain of 10 random characters for each page.

  • Page layout - Each site consists of a homepage and a blog page.

  • Content - On each home page, the text was added that has been about 300 words long and the keyword density was 2%. We've placed one similar article on each blog.

  • Pictures on the page - We've put one picture on each page. The graphics differ from each other, but they all depict the meditating person against the backdrop of nature.

  • Research duration - We conducted the research for over 6 months. The idea was to get the results as accurate as possible.

  • We’ve conducted the research from the perspective of a typical website builder. So we didn't use any advanced tricks far beyond the reach of such a person.

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Test procedure

After preparing the pages, the actual test has begun. The study schedule was as follows:

  • Publication of pages, without blog texts;

  • Google indexing pages;

  • Adding a blog entry on each page;

  • Works on SEO;

  • Leaving pages for indexing;

  • Further data collection.



We've made observations in two ways. First of all, we've manually checked the results.
Below you can see screen taken the day before the study was published.
As you can see, the page created in WebWave has remained the first place of the results
Wordpress has come second, followed by WIX.

May 20, 2020


Secondly, we've followed the created pages with Unamo application. Because manual checking search of the results could have been distorted due to location the network used etc. Below is the average position of the websites during the test. 


Based on the technical analysis of the created pages, we can clearly state that the page made in WebWave wins. It is the best in terms of quality of generated code, page loading speed and size, and position in Google search results (SERP).

However, second and third places may raise some doubts. Page created in Wordpress has better code quality, is lighter, and loads much faster than the WIX site. The page made in WIX has ranked higher in Google search results. So which of these two tools is better suited to creating well-positioned pages? In our opinion it's Wordpress. The position in Google search results can be impacted by many independent factors. One external link or even average visit length on the page may have changed the order of the results. Such factors in the conditions created by us could prove crucial, but in the real world, they wouldn't matter much compared to the quality of the generated code.

When creating WebWave website creator, we always attach great importance to how projects created in our tool are positioned in Google. We were curious about the effects of our work in practice.


As you can see, the pages created in website builders can be positioned easily. They can even achieve a better result than pages created in Wordpress. Building websites with the use of website creators do not interfere with SEO. At the same time, it significantly speeds up and streamlines the process of creating and maintaining the site.

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Autor: Maciej Czajkowski

04 June 2020


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Wordpress, WIX, or WebWave? Which tool is better for SEO? We'd been conducting a case study on this topic for several months!


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