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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

Chcesz być na bieżąco?

Do you ever wonder, if hours spent on writing an e-book paid off? Maybe the bounce rate is high and you get the feeling that nobody really reads the project you have been creating for weeks? 

I am sure you also question the place of publication, the number of advertisements or even the content itself. 

But what else can you do with it? You won't publish it again, because you know that Google can punish you for that. Are there any other ways to use content, that is already online?  

Yes, there are plenty. Let's go through them together. 

What is content marketing?

Put simply, it's the type of marketing that consists of creating online content, which arouses users interest and is shared by them. You don't use it to promote the brand, because the online world does it for you. 

What do I mean by online content? Literally, everything. Blog posts, podcasts, YouTube/Vimeo videos, e-books, social media and more. 

How to succeed in content marketing? In most cases, you need to combine many different types of online content, what allows you to reach the wider audience of people who, even though use different sources of information, are all fans of some specific topic. 

Content marketing is hard work, but as we know, hard work pays off. You need to share engaging content regularly and offer users some subject-matter knowledge to gain popularity. 

I don't want you to fall into the "OMG I'm wasting my time!!!" hole, but unfortunately not everything you create will get noticed. What's more, quite often, when you dedicate a bigger amount of time to a specific task, it can have weaker results than a quick tweet wrote on a subway. 

That's why many people give up when they don't see increased popularity right away. To be honest, I can't blame them - creating content that nobody views sure is challenging. 

However, these is a solution. You can reduce the number of new texts and recycle already published content, which will result in improvements in their statistics. 

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How does content recycling work?

The easiest way to give old texts a new life is reusing them in places, where they weren't originally posted. 

Does it seem pointless?

Sorry to disappoint, but that's exactly what content recycling is. You take what you already have and publish it in a different form than before. 

People read the information in many ways. Some like to watch a guide video, others prefer to read an ebook, where I personally love to listen to a podcast on my way to work. 

Repurposing is a new way of marketing. Even though you share the exact same content on a different channel, it is targeted at a new audience. Do you know what's the best part of it? You don't have to spend hours creating new content!


Use parts of an e-book in blog posts and the other way around 

Of course, I don't mean these two channels only. You can use videos, podcasts, webinars - mix it up and make sure that regardless of the way users like to absorb information, they can do it with your content.  

You had great guests in the last podcast? Make an interview out of it and post it on a blog! Do infographics bring lots of traffic on a website? Transform it into a short YouTube video. Meet the users halfway and let them choose how they want to meet you.  


Update old content 

Returning to old posts and editing them is key when it comes to SEO optimization. It also harmonizes website and allows you to recycle content. 

Update information which is frequently visited - add CTA to see how a specific subject performs as a podcast and how as a blog post. It's great for external linking and creating a conversion path for the user. 

Promote evergreen content 

Let's start by explaining what evergreen content is. The word evergreen is usually used by editors to talk about stories and topics, which always awaken viewers interest. 

This kind of content should be detected and regularly promoted on a website. One, well-written article can continue to generate as much traffic as just after the publication and it's your goal to take advantage of it. Update it, add new information, use content from it when creating new materials and more. 

When life gives you lemons (or evergreen content), you need to make as much lemonade from it as you can :).


Connect separate posts in one big article 

Have you been creating content for a while now? 

Use it and create articles, that gather smaller posts into a bigger one. Link to them in the text and improve internal linking. 


Archive a live webinar and make an e-book out of it

Webinars can come out in poor quality and be difficult to moderate, that's why not everyone wants to share them on social media or republish. It's a type of content that is best viewed right away. If you want to recycle a webinar, make an e-book out of it. 

Information passed during a webinar can be too chaotic and difficult to be watched at once (if it lasted longer than an hour). Writing information in a document can allow users to easily download it, read any time and see your logo on each page.  

Put simply, in content marketing the texts arouses users interest and are shared by them. You don't use it to promote the brand, because the online world does it for you. 

Use your website

If you wonder how can you fit all the content in one place - a website is a good idea. What is the point of posting information on many different channels, if they don't meet in one place? 

If you are planning to create or already have a website built in website builder WebWave, you can easily implement content recycling on it. 


Allow users to download files 

Do you know how easy it is to create a button allowing users to download files like your e-book form a website?

There is a step by step tutorial on our knowledge base. 

That's not all. Thanks to the newest WebWave integration with Mailer Lite, you can also allow users to download files from your website only after they sign up for a newsletter.  

You can read more about it on the subpage with newest features in WebWave. 

If you want to start your adventure with content recycling, check out how we do it in WebWave on Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at the WebWave blog and notice how many articles are reused, because they are popular and rich in subject-matter knowledge. 

If you create lots of content remember to recycle it! Take a close look at the statistics and see which articles are likely read by the users. Reuse them and increase your brand popularity! Good luck!

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Authors: Julia Madraszewska & Weronika Wawrzyniak

22 July 2019


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How to use published articles again? Meet content recycling! 


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