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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

Chcesz być na bieżąco?

Do you know, that till the year 2035 there will be over a billion digital nomads and freelancers? 

About your job... What did you say it's like? 

Same four walls since you can remember?

The same computer, which might be getting a bit too slow but is still good enough to work on it?

Routine, that stopped surprising you a long while ago?

Digital nomads choose the other path. 

They left everything behind and started doing what the like while being on never-ending holidays. 

At least in theory.

There can't be a job that has assets only, right?


Who are digital nomads? 

Digital nomads are people, who keep traveling but also keep working.  

Using technology like the internet and laptops allows them to stay in touch with the world and transfer information from any location.

The main feature of digital nomads is working from any part of the world - remotely.  

Mobility is not only a key factor when it comes to working but also a life's philosophy.  

They either take business trips or travel for pleasure, constantly moving and visiting more and more distant places.  

People, who have more flexibility, in terms of where they live, work and how they do it than ever before. 

Among digital nomads, there are only 25% of people who are over 44 years old. When it comes to genders - it is a tie. 

Almost all digital nomads are natural habitats of cyberspace, where they spend most of their time (and life). 

Digital nomads and work 

Possibilities are almost endless, because of the constantly growing need for virtual content and services. 

Theoretically, these jobs can be done remotely from home as a freelancer or ran as a virtual business.  

They can, but don't have to.

Let's face it -  building a website for a customer on a beach is way more pleasant that accompanied with sounds of your upstairs neighbor renovating a flat. 

The internet offers thousands of opportunities to earn money, but you need to to be able to notice them.  


What do digital nomads do (branches, jobs, tasks)? 

The jobs that digital nomads most frequently choose:

  • creative - graphics, photography, web design, animations, edition;

  • administrative –accounting, customer support, virtual assistant;

  • IT – consulting, websites positioning, building applications, UX; 

  • writing and foreign languages – copywriting, ghostwriting, text edition and teaching a foreign language; 

  • marketing – social media, advertisements optimization, public relations, affiliative marketing, drop shipping.

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Digital nomads' heavens 

Countries, which are rated well by digital nomads offer many coworking zones with easy access to good internet connection. 

They are also places for stable networking. 

Networking is crucial in a profession like this. 

Meeting new people gives opportunities for better recommendations and bigger amount of job propositions. 

The bigger amount of job propositions, the more flexibility when it comes to negotiation of the wages and terms of cooperation.  

Most rated countries have incredibly low living costs in comparison to freelancers earnings. 

Living on one continent and working on another might, at first sight, seem logistically difficult. 

However, it does not have to be.


Where digital nomads can find job and freelance opportunities?

Getting remote tasks is a sturdy base of freelancers work.

Many websites offer a collection of jobs in any branch, where you can work remotely. 

The most famous ones are upwork.com and freelancer.com, which combined have more than 20 million users.

There are also websites dedicated to specific fields: 99designs.com for designers or belaysolutions.com with offers for virtual assistants.

One might think that the sky is the limit and not having a job as a freelancer is just not possible.

Digital nomads' lives are like being on never-ending holidays? 

The main difference is not having a typical full-time job. 

Digital nomads don't have strict time frames for each task, that's why they can treat each one as a separate project. 

With decent self-organization, they can have lots of flexibility and dedicate their time to something more than just work. 

Sightseeing, getting to know other cultures, self-development and discovering new parts of the world is a typical way of spending free time for a digital nomad. 

The crucial feature of this community is keeping a work-life balance. 

What's more, being able to choose what you work on prevents burnout and ensures constant growth in many different directions. 

Nevertheless, it requires high self-organization and self-discipline. 

Even though digital nomads have wonderful and breathtaking views around them, they need to be committed and have excellent time management. 


Is it worth to combine work and vacation into... workaction? 

More and more people expect from their jobs flexibility. 

Flexible working hours, form of employment and remote work are becoming more valuable than ever. 

If you consider the fact, that getting a job in your major after university becomes more and more difficult, digital nomadism becomes an attractive way out. 

New jobs of the future appear almost every day. One of the possibilities is to change the sector of work and jump into deep-water. 

On the other hand, not everybody is ready to leave a comfy spot at work and start backpacking on the other end of the world. 

Sudden lack of stabilization, paid holidays and calling in sick might be an uncomfortable situation for somebody who is used to the regular full-time job. 

Digital nomads leave behind not only office work, but also friends and family.  

Only 31% of them live in a classical family as husband/wife and a child. 

It is usually a lonely path, especially at the beginning. 

You need to be prepared for cultural shock and taking some time to adjust to new living conditions and environment.

If this doesn't scare you or even excites you, you will probably ask yourself a question.

Living on one continent and working on another might, at first sight, seem logistically difficult. 
It does not have to be.


How to become a digital nomad?

Theoretically, in the beginning, you don't need any specific skills.

You decide what you want to do and which path to choose. 

Ask yourself a couple of important questions:

  • What am I good at?

  • What do I want to become an expert in and how to connect it to what I know? 

  • What are my soft skills and hard skills? 

  • Do I have experience (not only work-related) that can be useful in a new career path? 

  • How I want to work in 5 years? 


Before the final decision, it's worth to take some time, think about the career path and brush up on it even a little bit. 

In the meantime, you can ask your employee about working remotely.

One of the possible paths you can choose is building websites for customers. 

Under a palm tree.

With WebWave it's even easier. 

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Authors: Julia Madraszewska & Weronika Wawrzyniak

01 April 2019


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Digital nomads - what do you know about people who decided to leave routine behind and start traveling?


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