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So you are a freelancer who wants to earn more. As a one-person-company, you are tight on time, and it will be hard for you to handle many projects at the same time. And that means lower income.

Even so, it is possible to optimize the profits by price management and reaching new customers. Thus, these are areas to improve.


How to increase the value of work?

Until you hire somebody, you will have to figure out how to do more in the same time or how to earn more money for the same work. The second strategy is much better. High prices are the sign of the specialist. So how to increase the wages?


Run a professional blog

While building a personal brand, it is crucial to run social media accounts. Be that YouTube channel, Facebook page or a blog with educational content. Get some info on the Content Marketing – that’s the way to promote services with useful and engaging content. Content marketing is one of the best ways to get new customers without investing much money.


The bigger the client, the lower the wage

Sounds crazy? No doubt. But it is much easier to find the low-payed assignment. And the job done will give you one more important point in your portfolio. And portfolio is a proof of skill for a freelancer. The more prestigious the clients, the better the freelancer is.


Let the clients trust you

Proof of proficiency is one thing. But building trust is something more. Apart from the portfolio, clients consider certificates, case studies and testimonials important. If that’s possible, provide some stats of your work.

earn more freelancer 1


Go an extra mile

Try to give the client something competition cannot. Consider having a second, 24/7 telephone for the best clients. Or maybe a manual for your products or services may be valuable for your target group?

Don’t hesitate to see what is your competition doing and include the best ideas into your offer. Whatever they do- do it better. And whatever they cannot – you can.


How to get more clients

Many freelancers struggle to earn money because they don’t consider themselves as a company. And a freelancer is one man business army. Grabbing the client’s attention is crucial. Stick to the hints below to get more assignments.


Add yourself to the professional groups on Facebook

Facebook is currently the most significant social media in the world. That’s the place where the clients are.

To quickly find the proper group, just type “groups named xxx” where “xxx” is the segment you are skilled in, be that copywriting, web design or programming. Get access to those groups, be active and answer questions. Just show your expertise.


Get access to the freelancing groups

Apart from the thematic groups, there are groups of freelancers on Facebook. That’s where the companies seek for somebody to handle the tasks. It costs nothing, so why not?


Get access to the portals with assignments

Facebook is not the only way to get access to the new clients. There are loads of portals where the freelancer may find a job. It is much more work than seeking the clients on Facebook, but the prey may be worth the game.


Offer discounts for the best clients

It is always cheaper to keep the client than to find a new one. To convince the clients to stay with you, offer them some form of loyalty program. Make sure, that the longer the cooperation with you is, the more profitable it becomes.


Offer discounts for new clients

Face it- sacrificing the one-shot to build the more extended relationship may be a better idea than collecting one-shots. Reducing the price of the first contract may be the best way to get new assignments.


Add a contact form to your blog

If you run a blog, any post may be a promotional tool. Invite your clients with contact forms and other means like special contact buttons.

earn more freelancer 2


Ask for recommendations

Sometimes clients just don’t know, that you want to be recommended – good freelancers are usually busy. They may also be convinced that if you don’t ask for recommendations, you don’t want them. Tell them, that you will be more than happy to prepare something for their colleagues. And don’t forget to…


Give more business cards

Simple yet powerful – it simplifies sharing the contact. Just give 3 or more business cards to any person you meet. They will keep one and share the other ones.


Offer benefits for recommendations

It is wise to run some affiliate program for people who recommend your services. The more new clients your current partners bring, the more significant discount they get. Don’t forget the special care for new clients too, just to make sure they will stay.


Offer complementary product/service

It’s upselling time! Do you design the websites? Include support, maintenance or hosting for free for some time. You may also include some free improvements and patches. Just think about the “special thing” you can offer.

earn more freelancer 3


Use the recommend form or live chat

Getting the e-mail address is just not enough. Grab the attention of visitors by inviting them to contact you by special form or live chat. The first one requires e-mail to establish the contact. The second one allows you to build a real-time conversation. Just remember to be always compliant and never send any offer without consent!


Keep on networking

Networking is about building a network of professional contacts. It is a great way to reduce the cost of client acquisition by cooperating with other professionals. For example – if you are a UX designer, consider working with some programmer and seeking the clients together. It is common for them to need both the UX specialist and the coder. It is not necessary to work alone all the time!


Use social proof

It is a powerful tool of influence. It is all about showing popularity – how many people trust you and use your products. It is common for people to use solutions that are well known and tested.

Don’t forget to show the logotypes of companies you worked for. The more prominent – the better!



Sticking to the hints above will get you more clients and get better money for the projects. Without the experience and portfolio, it will be impossible to earn more than a few bucks for a single job. With constant work and improving the skills, you will make your earnings bigger. Just make use of the knowledge you just got, because all of the techniques above.


Author: Pawel Krzywina. 5 years of experience in web development and a business journalist. A lover of written language, new technologies, literature, and sport.

19 November 2018


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17 ways to earn more as a freelancer


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