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Following the digital bandwagon, some people create a website and account for virtually all known social platforms. As time goes by, however, their company does not attract a large enough range of customers. Theres a good chance that the problem is down to the fact the webapge is out dated, and the manner of its presentation has caused the website to become hard to navigate. The website may need a facelift.

Visitors will assess it within their first few seconds, and react to, among other things, the time it takes to load, the visual aspect and ease of navigation. It is estimated that an average of just 10 seconds is needed by the visitor to determine if the website they are visiting is worth staying on or if they should make another search, so everything should be perfect. Here are some elements that first put off the audience.


1. Chaos on the home page

The homepage is the most important and most precious place. A cluttered and messed up homepage is the number one reason that frightens and confuses visitors. This page should be organized and have a focal point, which clearly allows visitors to discover the other pages swiftly and seemlesly. Menu or navigation bars should be easy to find. Often you can find modules rotating at breakneck speed, no visible headers and crowd animation or GIF images that effectively cause distractions and pull the visitor away from where you want them to focus.


2. The mysterious navigation

Navigation bars should be placed at the top of the page and always include a link to the homepage. The content should be clearly defined in the menu, and the parties entitled in a way that appeals to guests.


3. The elusive buttons for social media

Often, the social buttons are hard to find. The brand, which prides itself on its community, should be placed in an obvious place. Unfortunately, sometimes the buttons for social media are buried deep, for example, in the footer or only on the contact page. In many cases some have broken links. It should be noted that the company should disclose any social platform on which it is active, not just one.

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4. Lack of integration

On some pages, the bounce rate, or the percentage of people who leave your site after viewing only one page or area is high. You should ask yourself whether visitors know what to do on it. The site should be designed so that the audience can call for simple actions or instructions, for example, 'Call', 'click here' or 'subscribe to newsletter'. Each brand depends on the user knowing how to navigate the site and use its services.


5. Bareback pictures

A homepage filled only with pictures does not reflect the individuality of the brand, which is very important for the potential customer. But when using photos to tell the story and present the authenticity of your business, you should invest in a professional photo or make your own. In the digital world, where users have almost unlimited choices, the key to their involvement and cooperation is to provide a unique form and content. Using old or unclear photos or photos that some may deem as inappropriate will just put of the potential customer. It should be noted that neutral photos should always be used.

Dont be afraid to add a way in which the visitor can leave feedback, infact make it easy for them and activily encourage it. It not only shows that you care, but the visitor is ultimately the reason you've created the website and their opinion matters.


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

25 June 2018


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