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This week, we released the 300th WebWave update. Since the creation of our website builder, we have managed to introduce over 1,600 changes, thanks to which creating websites without coding is more and more effective. See what we've been able to do over the past few months!

H2 as the default header level

This small change will allow you to avoid SEO problems. According to Google algorithms, there should only be one H1 heading per page. To prevent accidental entry of multiple H1 level headings, we changed the default level in the text editor to H2.


Effects of elements after hovering on them

This feature will allow you to make your website more dynamic. It works well for elements with which the user interacts. These mainly include buttons and icons. Now elements can change appearance as the user hovers over them. You can read more about this feature here.

Join over 311 000 people who build websites with no coding for free

Website builder WebWave allows you to build free websites with no coding for free. Start from scratch with a blank page or use one of many free templates.


Form - switching to an advanced text editor

Thanks to this function, you will better adapt the form to your needs. You can easily add checkboxes, links, and other elements. With this function, you will create a form in which customers will be able to consent to the processing of personal data or sending marketing information. You can also add links to the website regulations or the GDPR clause. You can find more details here.


Smooth page width adjustment

The website should display properly on devices with screens of various sizes - from smartphones to TV sets. Therefore, the position of individual elements must be variable. Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the page width already at the design stage, you can check how the page layout changes depending on the screen size. More information about this feature can be found at this link.


Social media

We develop our YouTube channel. Here we present guides in which we show how to use the various functions of WebWave. You can also follow us on Instagram

This week, we released the 300th WebWave update. Since the creation of our website builder, we have managed to introduce over 1,600 changes, thanks to which creating websites without coding is more and more effective.

What are we planning for the future

We plan to introduce some significant changes in the coming months. First, we'll streamline your work with items. We will add the function of keeping the distance between related elements and show what are the distances between the individual components of the page.

Further innovations will help in interactions. We will add the ability to display elements when you hover the mouse over a button, as well as show or hide elements while scrolling the page.

The last important novelty we are currently working on will concern people who create websites for clients in the WebWave creator. We will add the ability to comment on the website design before it is published.

If you want to stay up to date with the changes, please visit our “what’s new” page. Several times a week, we write about new features there and explain how to use them. You can also check the list of planned features.


Help us develop WebWave

What our tool will look like in the future depends primarily on its Users. It is based on your opinions that we create a list of functions that we will work on. If you want to submit your idea for WebWave development to us, talk to us on the Facebook group. We invite you to cooperate and hope for new, great ideas!


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Author: Jan Chmielowski


01 October 2020

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