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Website elements are the foundation of the entire website. In order to use them effectively, it's necessary to understand the basics of web design. This is why so many people choose to create a website from templates. It's a simple and quick solution, but it can limit your creativity. In turn, building a website completely from scratch is a big challenge for novice webmasters. Read this article and learn how to find the middle ground between custom design and using templates to build your website.

Using a website template - is it a good solution?

A website template is actually a collection of ready-made website elements that you can populate with content and graphics. It's an extremely fast method of creating a website - convenient for people who are not interested in web design or don't feel confident about their design skills, but still want a functional website that looks good. 


Advantages and disadvantages of creating a page from a template 

The use of a ready made website template will save you a lot of time. Webwave website templates are freely available, which is an advantage in itself, but it can also mean that similar elements will be repeated across many websites. Admittedly, in WebWave, you can adjust each template to your needs, but the fundamental design theme will remain. So, if you use the same template for several websites, making only minor changes  to each element, these websites will all have a similar look and feel.  


Join over 346 000 people who build websites with no coding for free

Website builder WebWave allows you to build free websites with no coding for free. Start from scratch with a blank page or use one of many free templates.



Building every element of the page from scratch, i.e. designing from a blank page

This is a perfect solution for those who have some design skills or who are not afraid of "having a go" at producing something original. When creating a website design from scratch, it helps if you understand which elements should be included and how they should be styled and arranged to provide a good user experience (UX) - in the name of the UX: "what is known to users is good". 


Advantages and disadvantages of building websites yourself from scratch

Undoubtedly, the great advantage of creating pages from a blank canvas is the lack of restrictions - especially if, as in WebWave, you place website elements using the pixel perfect method. It's ideal for both advanced website builder users and seasoned designers. For beginners, however, it may turn out to be a bit overwhelming, due to the need to design each element of the page (its structure and appearance), as well as the page layout in which they will be presented. 


Website elements are the foundation of the entire website. In order to design them, it is necessary to know at least the basics of web design.


Using Element Groups, the perfect middle ground

With WebWave, you can choose to build your website from scratch and populate the blank pages with groups of elements that have been prepared by our design experts. This method is a great compromise for those who wish to have more overall creative control but leave the finer detail of element design to the pro's.


What are Element Groups? 

You can think of element groups as mini templates. An Element Group can be things like buttons, texts and images that have been styled and combined into a group to form a single section or object (e.g. sections or ready-made layouts of objects), which you can drag n drop into your website design. Element groups can be placed anywhere on the page. You can edit them freely or even create your own. Each element within a pre-designed Element Group is adapted in terms of RWD - so you don't have to adjust them to mobile devices by yourself. 


Why is it worth using ready-made Element Groups?

First of all, creating a website this way saves a lot of time, without limiting design possibilities and creativity. 

Web design beginners should appreciate the fact that they can choose from a ready-made list of basic page elements - they don't have to think about the layout of the website, but only determine the order of individual sections.

The use of element groups is also a big help from a graphic design perspective. You don't have to think about the structure of the object, e.g. what should be included in the price list - where to put the price, where to put the service, whether to create two or three sections, or maybe a table. Using a ready-made element will allow you to focus on what is most interesting (appearance - colours, fonts, sizes) and perhaps the most important aspect, content that will attract and engage website visitors.


What types of Element Groups do I have at my disposal? 

When designing a website, it's necessary to know the structure of the website and its objects. In WebWave, we offer ready-made sections that can be found on every website, e.g. layouts of items in the menu or footer. There are also solutions for specific types of pages, such as price lists and item lists. We've also enriched Element Groups with items that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your website, e.g. sliders, user reviews and much more.



You can take advantage of many ready-made sections and element layouts such as:

  • menu and footers, i.e. basic navigation tools on the site;

  • image galleries and photo grids;

  • texts with icons helpful for showcasing products or services;

  • arrangement of buttons directing users to any place on the Internet;

  • pre-formatted text layouts; 

  • pre-designed testimonial sections;

  • price lists that present the cost of your products and services in ways designed to increase customer conversion;

  • News feeds to display your news pages, blog articles, services and products;

What's more, in our website builder you can create your own element groups and use them in many places on your website or transfer them to other websites that you build in WebWave. 



How you create your website is largely determined by your design approach:

  • Building your website from scratch.
  • Creating your website from one of our free templates.
  • Taking the middle-ground approach by choosing a blank canvas and populating it with pre-designed element groups


Regardless of the approach you choose, WebWave empowers designers of all skill levels to create websites just the way they imagined them to be.


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Author: Natalia Czaplicka


04 March 2021

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