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RWD - Responsive Web Design. An approach to web design that involves designing websites that automatically adjust their appearance to the size of the screens on which they are displayed.

RTB - Real Time Bidding, a model for buying advertising space on a website through an automated auction. Advertisers bid on advertising space that is displayed to the user of the page during a particular session.

Robots.txt - a type of file that tells Google robots what content on the page is not to be indexed.

Robot (Google) - a program used to find and analyze websites in terms of their value for the Google search engine. Google's site assessment of the site affects its position in search results.

Remarketing - retargeting of an advertising message to users who have previously expressed an interest in the offer. Conducting remarketing campaigns is possible thanks to the Google AdWords system.

Rebranding - changing one or more elements that make up the brand, such as the logo, the name or the scope of services offered. Rebranding aims to increase the value of brands.



Positioning - activities aimed at improving the position of the website on the list of Google search results. These include, but are not limited to, creating content with relevant keywords, getting links, working on speeding up the page loading or the quality of its code.

Permalink - A permanent URL that relates to a given resource, such as a page or a post. Most often it consists of a domain name and a slug, which is a string that follows the domain name.

PageRank sculpting - activities aiming to redirect the flow of the power given to a website by links to specific web pages. 

PageRank - an indicator developed by Google that evaluates the quality of a page based on links leading to it. It is one of the factors determining the position of a website in search results.


Here is another part of the glossary of terms that will be useful in creating your website and promoting it on the web.



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23 July 2020

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