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Our online and marketing industry dictionary has already adopted the term "landing page", but it is important to explain exactly what it really is. According to the definition, a landing page is the first page that the visitor receives through promotional activities. This is the absolute truth, but not everyone knows, that not every landing page that redirects us when we click on an ad or a promotional link is a landing page. What is the difference?


What is a landing page?

Many marketing campaigns use different redirects, like home pages such as "about us" or "contact" sections, but they are not actually manual landing pages. A landing page is an independent web page, disconnected from the navigation on the web page, created solely for the purpose of convincing the user for a specific action such as registration, product purchase, file download, or filling in the form.

What connects all of the above? These are the methods that are designed to turn a given Internet user into a potential customer. In the marketing language, the person interested in the product is referred to as the sales lead. And that is the main purpose of a landing page - lead generation.


Landing page in a nutshell

  • A landing page is a simple message that we want to convey to our recipients. It promotes a specific product, service, operation and demonstrates all their advantages.
  • The landing page project should be clear and simple - stick to one point and provide a simple explanation of the whole content. The main goal is to attract users and encourage them to get to know you and take advantage of the offer.
  • A landing page is intended to take visitors by the action we want.
  • A landing page is one page that consists of several distinct sections that are intended to represent one thought in a convincing way.

landing page 1

Describing a landing page from the marketing side is a very comprehensive subject, and the above introduction was intended only to show you the essence of the matter. However, we will look at the most important aspects of the look and the content of a landing page from the webmaster's point of view. Here are some tips on how to make a good landing page.


Elements of a good landing page


Order and organization

The main purpose of a landing page is to clearly present a particular product or service. To make it easier for users to convert, they should have a simple and intuitive look so everyone can easily hit the desired material.

What can help us? Fine colorway and using high-resolution pictures, which will look good on every display. CTA (call to action) and eventual contact form should be positioned at the beginning and in the center of the page. Furthermore, all conversion key elements should be distinguished by contrast. The whole, together with headings and the most important entries should look very good and catch the eye of the clients.


Functional headings

Probably the heading is the first thing that our readers will notice after entering the web page. If it contains a precise term, it will allow us to understand our purpose better. In case of introducing another aspect of the offer or programs, we can use other subheadings.


Short and to the point

We can ask our visitors to fill in a landing page form which will be needed for some marketing efforts. It is worth to keep in mind that such forms are kept to a minimum. The more fields to fill in we will give to our clients, the less possible they will rich the last one and finish the conversion.

The same thing is with the text on the webpage. A landing page is not a place for showing a long history of our company and a list of awards that we have won. At this point you should focus only on the product or service and every word and section should be dedicated to them.



A landing page can also contain elements which will higher potential clients’ level of trust. Of course, I am talking about recommendations but also e.g. about average product rating from your shop. Other peoples’ opinions will convince others much more than any marketing text.

landing page 2


Know your target audience

Who is the target of your web page – adults, young, women, men? Different people respond differently to the same elements e.g. to the color scheme. Women generally prefer warm colors, while men prefer more subdued colors. The design of our landing page largely depends on defining our target audience. A good landing page may significantly increase our conversion rates. We don’t need a lot of time and money to create it because we don’t have to engage graphic or web designer. Creating a landing page is much easier than creating a whole, traditional web page. If you want to create your landing page, you can do it without any problem in WebWave. In our website builder, you will quickly create a web page where you will advertise your product or service. Of course, we will help in case of problems and doubts.

Do you know some examples of a very good (or very bad) landing pages? Do you fill in the form on such web pages or maybe you close them immediately? We invite you to a discussion in comments.


Author: Pawel Krzywina. 5 years of experience in web development and a business journalist. A lover of written language, new technologies, literature, and sport.

01 October 2018


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How to create a good landing page?


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