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Chcesz być na bieżąco?

When I post information about WebWave on various groups and web services I usually encounter three attitudes.

The most common reaction is "I am cool with that, let's find out more".

Sometimes wits make jokes about all the web developers who learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other coding languages just to be replaced with website builders.

The last group really got under my skin - the tool haters.

“Why use website builders, when you can code yourself or do it easily with Wordpress?”.

I can... but do I want to?

I hope this short FAQ will deal with most common tool-hate I encounter.

Grab the buckets, mates!


Website builders provide limited options

The vast majority of the websites out there require only a handful of options.

Menu, headers, text, maybe an image gallery and a contact form.

All of this is available out-of-box in WebWave.

No need to code.

No need to find a proper plugin. 

When the user is ready to get started with more advanced features - WebWave introduces interactions. It’s a function that after a click-action make previously added layers triggered. 

It might not sound all fancy, but you can do A LOT with that feature.

Alternatively, better - check it out!


Website builders are slow

That’s the most popular opinion.

Usually, the haters claim that if there were a movie about website builders, it would be “The drama-with-it The Code” (all rights reserved!).

This opinion is a legacy of the first builders, that indeed created messy and spaghetti-like code. Once lost, reputation is hard to restore.

And of course, websites made in old website builders were slow.

However, look at this text - it loaded swiftly, with no issues.

Today loading time is more about the number of images and interactive elements on the website.

The quality of code has a tiny influence on website loading time.

If the code is semantically correct, browsers have no problem with the loading process.

website builders hate


Only one webpage

Some haters claim that website builders are suitable just for one-page websites and landing pages and the “real” websites need something more.

Let's agree to disagree.

The main WebWave website, obviously made in the WebWave website builder, is composed of 357 subpages and we face no issues with managing the links and editing it. 

WebWave is equally suitable for a one-pager and a multipage web service.


It works.



You pay - you stay. Others - go that way

That’s common in the online discussions - as long you pay, you run your website. You miss one payment - you lose everything.

Actually - that’s not the entire truth.

In WebWave every page has its unique address with automatically generated website ID.

If you don’t need the Premium Account for the particular website anymore, you can drop it to regain your free address.

It is your website after all.

So, by the way - is it wrong to get money for provided services?


Sites created in website builders are ugly

First of all, it’s a subjective matter.

Publicly voted for a mobile version of a gargoyle, Fiat Multipla, to be the only car exhibited in a prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Sorry, Ford, sometimes life is harsh.

In the same manner, people are claiming that websites prepared with website builders are ugly.

Matter of aesthetics.

However, with Webwave it is possible to develop the functional, aesthetic and useful site.

We have examples of it.


Stick to the template

It’s a hard one, but not only in terms of website builders.

I’ve encountered many websites made in WebWave, and even though I am familiar with all of the free website templates, sometimes I still cannot tell whether the webmaster used one or created his project from scratch. 

Speaking from the experience, the process of building a website usually starts with a template, but then evaluates.

In the end, it looks nothing like it. 

In WebWave the template is only a base for the creation, and everything may be adjusted to fit the needs.

So what lack of flexibility and sticking to the template are we talking about?

website builders hate 2


No help provided

Many builders indeed come with customer support only for premium users.

That’s the matter of business model.

However, we are not here to judge others.

Our support team provides support no matter if you have a premium plan or you are a basic account user.

You can always ask us about anything related to the WebWave or the website you are creating. 

We are there for you and you can contact us on online chat, via e-mail or even over the phone.

We cannot judge or change the offer of the other providers, but WebWave is providing support for every user.

For free.


Code or go home?

You get the website builder and nothing more.

You can move the rectangles, but building some front-end services is impossible.

Not this time.

WebWave is, of course, focused on the “drag and drop” way of design, but inserting the HTML element into the website is easy as pie.

You can also add very own script to the website on your own.

And it has never been so easy.


Big NO for SEO

Here comes the big one.

Bad code and lousy optimization results in low-end SEO, internet invisibility and thus - business death.

Some haters claim that there is no SEO in website builders.

Luckily, it is also just a legacy of the first builders.

website builders hate 3

The times have changed, and the SEO situation in website builders did as well. 

Every user in WebWave can set meta title, meta description, headers, titles, paragraphs.  

We don't want to brag too much, but in fact, websites created in our free website builder are direct answers in a couple of google search results. 



These are only a few, among many, stereotypes about website builders.

I hope I proved all the haters wrong.

Even if not, I am sure you will.

When you build your website with no coding for free in WebWave.

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Author: Bartek Raducha. Managed and consulted website projects for the cultural agencies. While working for the advertising agency managed and co-managed website projects for the international clients (Beko, Bonduelle Food Service, Froneri ). In WebWave: marketing and content manager.


07 January 2019


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So why website builders get so much online hate?


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