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Your website is a living channel of communication with customers, which changes and evolves with your business, products or trends. One of the biggest advantages of websites or social media platforms is the possibility of permanent and instant updates. It should be noted theres a significant difference between dynamic and incomplete sites.

Having a site that is incomplete sends a message to its users that you are not able to keep up with some changes or not professional or comitted enough which may reflect on the way the users might view your company. Neither one nor the others gives a good impression. A website is not just any old tool, it's the virtual presentation and tour of your business. When visiting there customers, Internet users or businessmen or woman, it is like strolling through another of its offices or locations. Each sub-page another department. One can present brilliance, energy and marketing, other professional and honest sales teams, and other transparent business accounting.

When a user encounters on the unfinished site it is like moving around your office during renovation. In place of the technical department you can see the lack of trim, erect ladders and protruding cables. It will look clean and polished after the work is finished, but you probably wouldn't want your customers to visit during renovations, because you would like to make the best possible impression. So it is important to make sure your website is in good, clean working order before you allow access to the customer, and keep it maintained and updated at all times.

Often, the company begins with an ambitious plan for their new site. Designers create the basic architecture and define the individual pages and sections. The next task is to fill it with their content, photographs, or other things.

incomplete website 1

Unfortunately, in the next step, the people assigned to specific tasks often have their hands full and additional work in the form of the preparation of new material for the site, and the website falls to the bottom of their priority list.

As a result, there are many sites that indicate that the content will be 'soon' or 'The page is under construction'. None of these temporary solutions work. Navigating your site informed the user that the link exists, yet it does not. Another popular incompetence message is a non-existent page or content that is out of date. It is not professional enough in 2017.

This does not mean that you have to delay the launch of a website until all the information on it can be found and is up to date. Instead of placing the empty messages, deactivate some places, or make some areas invisible to the visitors. They will not notice their absence because they do not know the concept of the page and your intentions. When the corresponding content has been prepared and ready to liven up the website, add it and make it avaliable. Over time your site will expand and will be more complete.

At this time remember that such things can take place on your website, just be sure to check their references, correct display of images or animations, as well as the playing of audio or video. Visitors to your website are your guests, its not in your interest to invite them into a mess.


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

11 June 2018


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