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It is not difficult to agree with the statement that every business needs a website. Presence in the net is the basis of business today. How to order a website? What to look for when choosing a partner who will perform this task? How does the whole process look like? Is it worth trying to create a website yourself? Answers to the most important questions can be found in this post.

How to be more creative

Think about what you want to say

At the beginning, you should specify the purpose of the page. Think about who belongs to your target group and what you want to communicate to him. The website is an important element of marketing communication. Therefore, it should be created as part of a larger vision. 

You should also think about the form of the site. For small service companies, a simple site with the current offer and contact details is often enough. If you want to sell online, you should build an online store. Sometimes, it is necessary to create a large page containing a lot of specialized information. 

It is important that the goal is clear from the very beginning and does not change until the end of the project. 

Specify the budget

How much does a website cost? It's like asking, "How much does clothing cost?" After all, we will pay several dozen times less for a simple t-shirt from a chain store than for a tailor-made woolen coat. The same applies to websites. 

An uncomplicated design based on a template can cost even below 250 Euro. An original site with many subpages, custom graphic elements or an online store can cost up to tens of thousands.

When setting your budget, you must always remember the purpose of the page. The complexity of the site, and hence its price, will largely depend on it.

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Find the right partner

Finding a good specialist can be a challenge. There are many options on the market - from beginner freelancers to large companies. 

So how do you find a good solution? It's best to pay attention to the portfolio. Browse projects created by the selected web developer. Look at the pages he designed and check if they work properly. 

You can also find proven website creators thanks to WebWave. Just click here. Web developers that we recommend use the WebWave wizard and their projects have been thoroughly analyzed and highly rated by our team. 

Create a brief

After choosing the person who will create the page, it's time to start cooperation. First, create a brief - a short list of your expectations for the site.

A good brief should contain the basic data necessary to build a website:

  • Company name, its purpose and mission, services offered;

  • Description of competition pages

  • Features that distinguish your offer;

  • The target group;

  • The type of page you want to build (e.g. business card, landing page, portal);

  • Scope of work;

  • Estimated budget.

This information will help you get started quickly and avoid misunderstandings. Creating a professional brief also shows that you are a trustworthy customer.

It is not difficult to agree with the statement that every business needs a website

Ask for appropriate permissions

If the site is ready, it's time to get on with it. To do this, you should obtain the appropriate permissions from the web developer. Specify the range of changes you want to make to your site. 

Take care of updates

If you have already obtained the appropriate spacing, be sure to regularly update the page. You can make some changes yourself, such as changing the content or adding product photos. For more complex modifications, you'll need to work with a web developer. 

Is it worth commissioning the creation of a website

Asking to create a website for an external partner is a good idea if you have a large budget and you care about time. However, if you are able to invest a few moments, it is worth considering building your site yourself. This solution has several big advantages.

First of all, you will save money. Secondly, you will gain full control over your website. You won't have to waste time exchanging emails if you make major changes. Thirdly, you will learn a new skill that will definitely come in handy in the future. 

Our creator is a great tool for creating pages yourself. It's an easy-to-use tool that lets you easily build even complex websites. 


Ordering a website is a multi-stage process. It is worth preparing well for it. The tips in this article will help. Consider whether creating a page yourself will not be a better solution for you. Try the possibilities of the WebWave wizard and see how easy it is to build a site with its help.

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Autor: Jan Chmielowski


06 November 2019


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