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SEO audit is a process of website evaluation in many areas of positioning. Put simply, it's about analyzing your site's visibility in search results (SERP).

This task can be outsourced to a specialized company. However, it is worth taking care of it by yourself. Thanks to this, you can learn more about the mechanisms that affect the visibility of the page on Google. This will improve the results of existing sites and make it easier to create better-optimized pages in the future.

Why is SEO audit important?

New information on Google positioning appears almost every day. The SEO industry is constantly changing. You need to regularly update and deepen your knowledge.

Sometimes, the modifications introduced by the Mountain View giant completely change the rules of the game. Visibility of sites that were on the top in search results is drastically reduced.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular SEO audits (at least once every six months). This allows you to make sure that the analyzed site is keeping up with the latest changes, and its visibility on Google does not deteriorate. What's more, in-depth analysis will not only allow you to maintain the position of the page, but also improve its results.

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How to do an SEO audit?

Before starting work, remember the most important: effective audit requires patience. It takes time to discover the causes of problems affecting your site's position in search results. Depending on the size of your site, proper analysis can take from one day to several weeks. When making major changes, diligence is required, and the SEO specialist or page owner must conduct a thorough investigation to make accurate recommendations. The audit should cover the three most important points:

Check where you stand

Think of it as a "Googleability" rating for the page. It can be beautiful and well designed, but if search engines can't reach your site and index it, your effort will be wasted. Most of potential users will not reach the site. You can analyze your site's position in search engine in a number of ways. One of them is the automated mini SEO audit created by Tell Me Your Goal. Just enter the WWW address and keyword. You will receive an e-mail about ten-page report on your website, including aspects that need improvement. 

This is a great way to start working with your own site. The tool clearly indicates errors that you may miss when you use it every day. 

Analyze the situation in SERPs 

Many tools have been developed to analyze 'visibility' and other key aspects of good positioning. Most of them are free. You can use them for regular and detailed analysis of the site to allow you to monitor its position and the effects of changes.

The most popular free SEO analysis tools are:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Woorank;

  • Screaming Frog;

  • Siteliner.

Carefully check the content of the page.

Investigating SEO on a website is the most important part of an audit. It is often the only aspect on which the analysis focuses. To go through this step easier, it is worth using our comprehensive guide, which explains and thoroughly describes every important topic related to positioning. In short, on-site SEO is about link-building and other signals that you can give search engines to convince them of the quality and usability of your site. 

This includes:

  • Quality of content;

  • Meta titles and page descriptions;

  • Creating texts for SEO;

  • Use of headings H1 - H3 and proper formatting of the content;

  • Multimedia elements and the use of alt-tags;

  • URL optimization;

  • Internal linking

  • External linking;

  • Page loading speed;

  • Mobile Indexing First;

  • RWD

You can read about these items in our articles. Familiarize yourself with them and get ready to work with your own site. 

SEO audit may seem like a challenge at first. However, you should not be discouraged. Thanks to our tips and appropriate tools you can carry it out effectively and without any unnecessary complications.



The SEO industry is constantly changing. You need to regularly update and deepen your knowledge

WebWave SEO Analyzer

There is also a new way to fast, simple and effective SEO analysis. In July 2019, we introduced a groundbreaking tool - automatic SEO analysis for any article and subpage. It is an extremely intuitive and convenient solution that we offer to all our users completely free! 

It saves time and speeds up changes. You don't have spend hours to ensuring that you have paid attention to all aspects of SEO. You can see areas that needs improvement in just one click and make the necessary modifications quickly.

Go to the next level of positioning. Use our latest feature - SEO analysis on a given subpage! Try WebWave today!



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Authors:  Julia Mądraszewska, Jan Chmielowski


18 September 2019


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What does a SEO audit look like? How to carry it out on your website?


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