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Well- constructed slug inspire trust.

It informs users what they will find on your website.

If you are wondering, why would you change slug - I have got some good news, there is a lot you can gain from it. 

Similarly to some other practices, nicely brushed up slugs will help you build the trustworthiness of your website and improve your position in internet searches results. 

Take a look at how to easily improve slugs on a website. 


What's a slug?

Slug is a sequence of characters, that can be found after the slash in the subpage URL address. Thanks to slugs, each page on a website has its own internet address easily understandable for users. 

Website address structure can be divided into a few elements. 

The first one is the protocol. Nowadays its HTTPS://, where 's' stands for secure. In 2018 Google introduced the safe internet and every website which wants to be displayed as secure needs to have an active SSL certificate. You can also find websites online with protocol HTTP://, but you will be alerted that they do not have an encrypted connection and your data might be hijacked. The next element in slug is a domain and then a part responsible for pointing to a certain subpage.   

Let's take a look at this article's slug. 

The first is the protocol - HTTPS://. WebWave website, just like every website created in WebWave with the Premium Plan, has an active SSL certificate. The next is domain name webwave.me, and at the end - we point to a certain article on the blog /blog/slug.

Slugs structure does influence website positioning in internet searches results. Make sure they work in your favor.

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Links structure in website development

Links structure is an important part of every website because it affects website positioning. 

Unfortunately, many website development software place unnecessary elements, so-called breadcrumbs, in the links - weakening website position. 

It means that between the domain name and subpage name you can find random characters like the date or weird, automatically generated numeric combinations. 

No only the Google Algorithm doesn't approve messy slugs, but users less likely enter websites with URLs containing suspicious characters.  

Well-structured slug will not only help you gain users trust but also Google Algorithm's. 


What should a slug conatin?

Most importantly - slug should correspond to the name of a certain subpage and what's on it. 

Meta title and description clearly communicate subpage content in search results, but you should also make sure that the link does too.

Good slug lets users know what's on the website, so it should be possible as simple as it can, without unnecessary elements.

See for yourself, is it easier to read a link "how-should-you-write-about-website-development-for-small-and-medium-sized-companies" or "companies-website-developement"?

The first step in creating a perfect slug is setting a subpage title. Now, try to describe it in one sentence. Pick a few crucial words from it and place it in the link. The shorter the better. 

Most importantly - slug should correspond to the name of a certain subpage and what's on it. 

SEO-friendly slug

A good URL address should contain a key phrase on which you position a particular website. 

For example, if you write about potato chips and the key phrase for a certain subpage is "best potato chips ever", then this phrase should be placed in the slug, meta title, and meta description.  The URL address should look more or less like this: "best-potato-chips-every". That's it. 

The perfect URL address would be https://domainname.com/best-potato-chips-ever. 

When users see well-constructed slug like this, they will more trustworthy perceive your website. 

If you run a blog, each article slug can contain /blog/article-name. Users and Google robots will know that this article is a part of the blog. 

What's more, sorting website traffic will be way more convenient. 


Creating a website in WebWave - how to make good links?

In WebWave it is as simple as ABC. You can freely edit slug of every subpage on a website created in responsive white label website builder WebWave. 

All you need to do is go to article list in the builder and set the link yourself. 

Of course, the first slug is generated automatically, but you can easily change it and adjust to your needs. 

Do you want to see yourself ow easy editing slugs in WebWave is?

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Author: Bartek Raducha & Weronika Wawrzyniak

10 June 2019


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What is the slug - how to create good links on a website


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