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Have you ever wondered what impression your website makes on users? It often determines whether you will interest them in your brand, engage in its content, and ultimately encourage to buy products or services. If the site is outdated, does not comply with the design trends of 2019 or has unclear navigation, then potential customers will leave it, associating your brand negatively. Does this mean that if your site does not meet all usability requirements, you need to create a new one from scratch? Not really. Sometimes it is enough to make a few small changes to improve the conversion rate significantly. Find out how to do it.

Small changes can significantly affect user's reception of a website.

What comes to mind when you think of small changes?

When making changes to the website, be sure to specify a goal. The priority should be to respond to the user's needs. This may sound trivial, but it is not so in practice. Let's start by recognizing the needs of the visitors. We can do this by analyzing users' behavior. Check how much time they spend on the site, whether they willingly return to it and at what stage they leave the site. This will help you find weak points to work on.

Less is more

A complex website with rich graphics may seem attractive. At the user level, this solution is not necessarily beneficial. The design of the page should allow easy navigation. Maybe it is worth giving up some graphic solutions, displaying the site's menu instead? You also need to think about what content is most relevant to you. Thanks to this you will find out which elements should be most visible. 

Logo refreshment - a small but essential change!

Make the brand's visual communication up to date thanks to a subtle logo change. Consider modifying the fonts or expanding the color palette. Remember, in this case, evolution is better than revolution. You certainly know the Coca-Cola logo. It seems unchanged for decades. In fact, over 130 years of existence, the logo has changed 11 times! Each time the changes were subtle enough not to discourage product fans. At the same time, they helped adapt the logotype to current trends in design. 

Integrate the website with social media channels

Do you run social media channels? Great! Remember to add them to your website and regularly inform your readers about new products. Communication on Facebook or Instagram should be consistent with what you present on the site. Pay special attention to the unification of the language you use to interact with users. Do not forget about graphic design.

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Use internal linking

Think about developing internal linking - go back to older articles on the company blog and enrich them with newer content that perfectly complements or thematically overlaps. In this way, by spending little time and work, you will keep the user for longer. 

Remember about SEO

Search engine optimization is essential. Remember that the rules for creating content for Google search engine are changing. Follow the latest trends and keep them up to date on the site. 

Make the website responsive

When designing your site, ensure that it is properly displayed on mobile devices. Users of smartphones and tablets are already responsible for more than half of visits to websites.

When making changes to the website, be sure to specify a goal. The priority should be to respond to the user's needs

Bigger changes - more benefits

If you have more time and resources, think about more labor-intensive changes. 

Creating a new language version of the site is a good example. Depending on the amount of content, this may require a different workload. In return, you get a tool that can significantly increase the number of users. 

A professional photo session is another way to optimize. It will allow you to create unique graphics. This will help to attract users and better positioning the site.

It's also a good idea to create your own illustrations. To do this, you can go to a graphics course or start working with a professional. At the beginning, you don't have to hire an employee. Many graphic designers work as freelancers. Certainly you will quickly find a specialist willing to work for you.

Where should you start?

To begin with, think carefully about how much time you have. It takes a few hours to make some of the changes. Others will take weeks or even months. The most important is proper planning. Making even small changes systematically can significantly improve the results of your website. It is also important to use the right tools to make site modification easy and quick. WebWave can help you with this.

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Authors: Julia Mądraszewska, Jan Chmielowski


02 October 2019


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Small changes in the appearance of the site which will significantly affect users' reception


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