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The SSL Protocole provides the encryption required for safe and secure communication with the website. The certificate used to be a standard for pages that processed payments or personal data.

Google is currently promoting usage of SSL protocol throughout the internet no matter the page or the content displayed. See why it is wise to have the SSL protocol on the website and how is it possible to get it for free!


Short Story Line

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a protocol that states the standards of a secure connection with the internet. It was devised by Netscape Company in 1994 – in the very beginning of the World Wide Web. It was designed to secure internet payments. At first it had to be used to protect the credit card numbers, but in fact – it makes any communication safe, be that messaging, payments or internet banking management.

Today, SSL becomes standard in all the websites, although less than 7% of polish sites use the protocol. The main reason of the rising popularity recognizes the website as a safe one if it uses the protocol.


So what is the SSL Certificate and what it has to do with HTTPS?

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP protocol that enables the web browser to connect to the remote server and display the website. The “S” in the end states “secure.”

The HTTPS states that the website you are on is a secure one. Nobody wants the internet banking password or payment details to be public. The HTTPS protocol ensures that no one can spy or change the transferred information. All that applies to the users of your website also – they want to be safe.



Google lists SSL on the list of 200 most important elements of website positioning. What’s more, the Moutain View Giant promotes the secure websites in organic search results. As the user feels safe, he is more eager to stay on the website. Thus, the bounce rate falls. And low bounce rate indicates that people found on the website what they were searching for.

Of course, turning on the SSL certificate is not a magic trick to suddenly get into TOP3. But it is a serious aid in gaining high rank.

So why SSL is still not a standard? It is not free.


SSL pricing

There are many SSL providers and more than one type of the certificate. The certificate with an encryption key 2048bits long stays for standard today. The longer the key – the better.

There are DV, OV and EV type certificates and the validation mechanism makes the difference. The primary type of SSL certificate is the Domain Validation. It is the cheapest one and the easiest to gain. It is just about the email based confirmation of using it on the website. It is sufficient for most of the websites, suitable for a small webstore or any place without a large amount of payments to process.

ssl certificate for free

The OV (Organization Validation) type is the “medium level” one. To gain one, it is required to send the domain owner documents. What’s more, they should be sent with the traditional mail service – the certificate states for the owner’s credibility.

The best and the most expensive one is the EV certificate. It requires the owner to send all the documents and is dedicated to banks, insurance companies, and largest retailers.


Free SSL Certificate? Yes, that’s possible

With WebWave free website builder you get the SSL certificate for free. All of our customers get it with the website. The SSL provided for WebWave customers is Domain Validation based, so there is no documentation-sending required. In fact – all you need to encrypt the connection between your users and the server may be done with the control panel.


Author: Pawel Krzywina. 5 years of experience in web development and a business journalist. A lover of written language, new technologies, literature, and sport.

03 December 2018


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Free SSL Certificate - what is it anyway?


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