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How to create website for different age groups
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The topic of adapting websites to different age groups rarely appears in articles about web design. However, it's one of the key elements of the site design process. Website creators - especially designers and programmers - must meet the expectations of both younger and older users. The needs of different age groups may turn out to be completely different. That is why you should definitely focus on this challenge.

How to create website for different age groups

Why is adaptation to different age groups important?

A typical 60-year-old does not wear the same clothes as a 6th grade elementary school student. It's obvious. The way they use the internet is just as different. 

Simply put, the younger the user, the more time he spends online. Lower age usually means more proficiency in using the internet. Younger recipients are more likely to use social media, older ones are looking for news or information on health. 

What is more, you can expect different reactions from people at different ages. If your website’s target users are around 13 years old, they probably won't add their addresses to the mailing list. Seniors, in turn, will not be interested in colourful, flashy games. 

As you can see, the expectations of age groups can be very different. The idea of a design adapted to the age of users is that one page should meet the needs of many of them. Creating such a website is not that simple, but there is a way to make this task easier.

Adapting a website to the appropriate age group is just like creating a persona or, in other words, your customer's profile. Let's focus on how to build it:

    • Find out why your audience visits your site;

    • Consider how confidently your recipients feel on the internet;

    • Read about accessibility issues that may occur for specific user groups. 

    • Check what emotions individual elements of the page evoke in users. 

Do not forget that the age groups described above - 60-year-olds and elementary school students - are just examples. Between them extends the entire spectrum of users - teenagers, young adults or middle-aged people. Each of these categories has different needs that you should meet.

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What are the differences when designing pages for different ages?

Since you know that you should focus on different aspects when creating a page for different ages, check what elements should be considered in particular:

    • Font sizes, word spacing, and text colour;

    • Changes and amount of colours on the site - people over 40 prefer non-contrasting colours that do not cause eye strain;

    • You should create a simple conversion path that will be intuitive and possible to pass without any problems or complications. People often abandon specific activities and leave the site if it does not have simple navigation.

    • Make sure you customize the site layout. Younger users navigate the web quickly but not very carefully. You will reach them through attractive graphics or animations. For older people, it is easier to focus on the text. They are upset by pop-ups and audio ads. 

the expectations of age groups can be very different. The idea of a design adapted to the age of users is that one page should meet the needs of many of them

How does the age-related website work in practice?

Have you heard of dynamic game difficulty balancing? This is a special mechanism created for the needs of games. It automatically modifies the game in such a way that it is not too easy (and thus boring), or too difficult (which causes frustration).

Websites adapted to the age of the recipient work in similar way. If the version presented to the user turns out to be too complicated or non-intuitive, he will be shown a new one, better adapted to his needs. 

Website design with WebWave

WebWave Creator is a great tool for creating websites ideally tailored to users of all ages. You can manage selected elements of the page and allow the user to navigate between different versions of the same site.

Learn more about our ready-made elements and find out how the WebWave wizard will allow you to create a page adapted to the age of the recipient.

If you need help or additional information about any wizard feature, please contact us by phone or via our live chat!

Do not hesitate and build your unique site today!

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Author: Jan Chmielowski


11 September 2019


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Website for different age groups - do you need it?


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