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The Logo is the face of your company and the image that will be associated with your business. Did you know that the logo actually evokes feelings. Like any art form, the logo makes people feel a certain way, anxious, happy, optimistic or hungry. As an entrepreneur you want to make sure that your logo evokes positive feelings among consumers.

The Logo works in the same way when you can remember someone's face but not their name. The human brain scans all at an alarming rate, leaving usually only images, but not all memories. If you create a simple logo design that is also easy to distinguish from other brands, it increases the chance your company will not be lost in the thicket of images.

Reflecting on their logo, people have a tendency to surprise others by adding a multitude of elements, patterns and colors. To avoid this, consider the biggest brands in the world: Apple, Google and McDonald's. All of them are simple, effective and very memorable. In today's world with the sheer volume of information, products and services which are avaliable, our logo should not 'shout'. Clients can associate and remember a simple design.

In the process of creating your own logo, we should ask ourselves the following questions:


1. Is it just as recognizable in black and white as it is in colour

The answer to this question should always be Yes. Do not let the color of the image inhibite the Logo. At the start, take care of the creation of the symbol or words you want to use in the logo. Only later, possibly, add the color.


2. Does the project actually represents a service?

If you are, for example, a masseur, a hammer placed in the logo would not be appropriate and not associated with relaxation. Your logo must make sense, because if you decide to add a picture, it should be consistent with the inscription.

logo website 1


3. Is the Logo scalable?

Do not decide on a logo because it looks good, for example, on a billboard. It should present itself well in both large and small size's on a letterhead, business card, flyers and marketing materials. Make sure that your Logo will look good and stand out, regardless of where it will be printed or appear on screen.


4. Is it distinctive?

Leading business are focused on profit. Simplicity, distinctive lines and attractive use of color in some cases, help your logo stand out from the competition.


5. Is it a forgetful logo, if it was not yours?

Stand on the side or take a step back and ask yourself, is it easy to remember. Be your own worst critic.

An ideal logo should remind the customer. Is it easy to remember, is the basis for building brand loyalty. Your Website, for aesthetic and psychological reasons must also match the style and color of the logo. The faster the client will remember it, the better for you.


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

23 July 2018


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The Logo on your website, in other words an image worth remembering


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