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We have recently introduced many changes that have made the work with the website builder easier. We have added new functions and improved the operation of WebWave. Thanks to this, working with our tool has become even simpler and more efficient. See the list of the most important news.

How to be more creative

Automatic conversion of images to .webp format on published pages

Adapting the site to Google requirements is one of the biggest challenges facing web developers. At WebWave, we do everything to make it easier for our users. 

For this purpose, we have introduced the automatic conversion of images to .webp format. It's a compression standard proposed by Google, which makes files smaller in size while maintaining high quality. Thanks to the use of this type of graphics on the page, it loads much faster and thus is indexed higher by Google. You can find additional information about this feature here.

PWA - website as an application (Progressive Web App)

Smartphone and tablet users are a group to which special attention should be paid. They are more eager to use dedicated applications than websites, immediately after clicking the icon on the device. 

Now you can easily create PWA in WebWave. Your site will look like an application for users of mobile devices. Thanks to this, you will significantly improve the UX and make the users more willing to use your website. 

The advantage of the PWA application is above all the fact that you can create it in a few steps (detailed instructions can be found here). You will not have to write dedicated applications for Android and iOS. For your users, PWA will be practically no different from the application created specifically for the operating system of their device.  

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Website builder WebWave allows you to build free websites with no coding for free. Start from scratch with a blank page or use one of many free templates


WebWave cart

This is the second breakthrough feature in WebWave after PWA. Now you can easily add a simple online store to your site. The WebWave cart was created primarily for users who are starting their business in e-commerce. Until now, they had two options to choose from: selling via platforms such as Allegro or Etsy, or creating an online store from scratch. 

In the first case, it is difficult to adapt the platform to the individual needs of the user. Therefore, standing out from the competition and building your own brand is difficult in this case. 

In turn, creating an online store from scratch is associated with high costs, requires time and cooperation with external partners. Beginner entrepreneurs rarely have the resources that allow them to do so. 

Now they can use the WebWave basket. This function is easy to install and allows you to quickly present an offer on the site and start selling online even in a few minutes. How to do it? Details can be found here.

We have recently introduced many changes that have made the work with the website builder easier. We have added new functions and improved the operation of WebWave

A simplified text editor

Now access to basic text formatting functions is even easier. Use the simplified editor to create less complex content. You can go back to the full version of the editor at any time and enjoy the wide possibilities of text formating. You can find more info about this feature here.

Masonry Gallery

Do you deal with photography, painting, graphics or create other visual materials? This feature will allow you to optimally fill the available space with images. Check out how this function works.

Features we are currently working on

In the near future we will introduce more useful functionalities. Here are some of them: 

  • Facilitation of placing elements at equal distances. With this function, you will arrange the elements at equal distances side by side while dragging the element.

  • Showing element size during resizing When enlarging or shrinking an item, information about its current size will appear.

  • Slider - dynamic text field. This feature will allow you to arrange the text box in the slider anywhere and in any proportions. This will allow you to create more attractive slides.

You can find the full list of drop-down features and the anticipated release dates here.

Do you want to help in the development of WebWave website builder?

Users opinion it is extremely important to us. If you think our tool is missing a feature, or you think we could improve something, feel free to use the vote tool and group discussion on Facebook. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Author: Jan Chmielowski


06 February 2020


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What has changed in our website builder - the most important new features in WebWave


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