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Store (Online) - A type of website that allows you to make online purchases. It is one of the most popular forms of online trading. The purchase is most often made by adding products to a virtual cart and filling out a form with delivery and payment options.

Spam - unwanted marketing materials, usually sent to recipients via email. Spam may contain viruses and other malware. 

Snippet - a short description of the website content. It is listed in the search results under the site title. It usually contains basic information about the content of the page.

Server - a computer connected to the Internet, where files are shared with other devices. The term server can also refer to software that enables file sharing.

SERP - Search Engine Results Page. A web page of an internet search engine, which displays a list of websites containing the key phrase previously entered in the search engine window.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The process of placing a website as high as possible in search results. It is divided into On-site SEO, i.e. activities carried out on the website, and Off-site SEO, i.e. activities carried out outside the website, mainly link acquisition.


SEM - Search Engine Marketing. Advertising activities aimed at improving the position of the website in organic and paid search results. These include, but are not limited to, website optimization and sponsored link campaigns.

Search engine - a website that enables its users to look for information on the internet. It stores data about the content of websites and gives access to online resources.

Sandbox - space on the computer disk that allows you to safely run programs that may be a threat. It allows you to use software that does not have certain security certificates.

SaaS - Software as a Service. Software operation model in which a given program is stored on servers belonging to its creators and made available to users via the Internet.


In the 10th part of our series, you will learn another portion of terms

related to website design and promotion on the Internet.



Everything you should know about creating websites from A to Z part 10


Glossary of webdesign and e-marketing part 10

06 August 2020

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