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WYWIWYG (What You Write Is What You Get) - an acronym describing the process of designing a website in which the website code is visible on the screen. WYWIWYG tools include text web page editors.

WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get) - an acronym describing the process of designing a website, in which the published page is identical or similar in appearance to the image displayed on the screen. WYSIWYG tools include graphic website builders. 

White space (blank space) - in web design, a blank space surrounding an object, i.e. text or an image.

Wireframe - a visual representation of the structure and content of the page. It does not contain any design elements and is designed to focus on the hierarchy of content and layout.

White label - a product or a service that is made by one company and sold under the brand of another. White label is often used in SEO and SEM services, and maintaining profiles on social media.

White Hat SEO - activities in accordance with Google's principles aimed at optimizing the website for search engines. These include, among others, creating high-quality content, quality of the code or shortening the page loading time.


Website builder - a program that allows the user to create working websites without coding and quickly publish them on the Internet.

WebP - image compression     format developed by Google. Its introduction is aimed at accelerating the loading of files on the website without significant loss of quality.

Web development - a field dealing with the implementation of a website project. It focuses on the technical aspects of its functioning.

Web design - a field dealing with the design of websites in terms of their appearance and functionality. Most often, graphic programs are used for this purpose.


This is the last part of our glossary of terms related to the creation of websites and their promotion on the Internet.



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03 September 2020

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