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HubSpot - A producer of software for social media marketing, content management, landing page creation, website analysis, customer service, and SEO.

HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Equivalent to the HTTP protocol in which transmitted information is encrypted. This makes the connection more secure.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol. A set of rules regarding server-client communication. The HTTP protocol allows users to access information on the site.

HTML - HyperText Markup Language. A programming language used to present web content.

Hosting - providing space for files that construct the page on a server - a computer permanently connected to the internet. Hosting enables the publication of a website on the web.

Header  - in other words, headline. Featured text that contains the title and subtitles of the text. The headline on the website usually includes keywords for which the website is positioned.


Google Ads - Google advertising system that gives the ability to display sponsored links on the search results page and on sites using Google Adsense.

Google Adsense  - Google advertising service that allows website owners to place on them contextual advertising tailored to specific users based on their online behavior.

Google Analytics - a tool for analyzing website statistics. It enables, among others, generating reports on traffic and segmenting users based on the source of traffic or their behavior on the website.

Lead generation - the process of collecting data on potential customers. To generate leads, among others, email marketing, content marketing (e-books, reports, case studies) and social media are used.


We present the next part of our collection of the most important concepts Knowing them will help you in creating the page and managing the site. 




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09 April 2020

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