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More and more areas of our lives are moving online. This also applies to business. Doing business on the internet is continually gaining popularity and there is no indication that this trend would reverse. 

If you also want to join people who are self-employed online, be sure to read our guide. You will find all the necessary information to help you choose the industry and the necessary tools and start working online. 

From this text you will learn:

  • What is an online business

  • How to promote online business

  • What online tools will be useful

  • How to sell products online

  • What internet business pays off

How to develop an internet business


How to start an internet business

31 January 2020


Your own internet business

Creating your own internet business is certainly a tempting vision. Starting this type of business requires much fewer resources than building a "stationary" company. Often a simple computer is enough for this. In the beginning, you can work even from your own bedroom. 

That is why you can start your own online business even without a lot of capital. Sometimes, small savings are enough for this. Business promotion does not have to be associated with great costs. Basic knowledge, some free time and willingness to develop are necessary. 

You don't need technical knowledge to run your own internet business. You can find many tools on the web that will enable you to appear on the web, advertise and grow your business. 


What is an online business

The answer to this question seems simple - it is about any online business. This is true, but this sentence does not describe the subject fully. There are several features, which characterize the internet business. 

High flexibility

The market is changing dynamically. This requires constant adaptation to new circumstances. You don't usually need any fixed assets to run an online business (sometimes they are necessary but to a limited extent). That's why you can quickly change the way you do business.


No territorial restrictions

The Internet has a practically unlimited range. Therefore, when running a network, you do not have to limit yourself to the immediate area. You can operate virtually all over the world. The freedom to do business in the European Union means that in offering your products throughout the Community, you don't have to comply with any additional formalities in most cases. All you have to do is register your company in one of the member countries.


No time limits

The Internet works 24 hours a day. Recipients can reach your content, explore the offer or place orders whenever they want. Your business brings profits even when you sleep.

No or limited number of stationary resources

As we have already mentioned, the internet business does not require complicated equipment or real estate. You can work on a regular home computer that you use to browse the internet or games.


Low entry threshold

Starting an online business is even available to people who do not have large financial resources. The basis of success is a good idea, perseverance and the ability to adapt to a dynamically changing market.

Can anyone start an online business?

The answer to this question is short - yes. All you need is network access. In previous points we have already pointed out the low entry threshold and no need to invest in fixed assets. 

What's more, the possibilities of earning money online are virtually limitless. This means that virtually anyone can find their niche market in which they will be able to develop in accordance with their predispositions and interests. What exactly are your options? Here is a shortlist of the most popular areas of gainful activity on the internet.

Selling products online 

This is probably the most frequently chosen branch of the Internet business. The income comes from the margin imposed on the products offered. You can choose from several types of tools - from platforms such as E-bay or Etsy, where creating an account takes a few minutes, to extensive online stores. 

The range of products available on the internet is practically unlimited. The undoubted advantage of online sales is that you can reach customers around the world. That is why it is a great tool for selling niche items that would be difficult to offer stationary. 

Another advantage of online sales is the low operating costs compared to traditional stores. That is why it happens that the same products available "offline" on the Internet are much cheaper. 

Influencer Marketing

Marketing activities using influencers are gaining popularity. Not surprisingly, many people want to earn in this way. Here are the most popular platforms used for this purpose. 

  • Youtube channel

Many people dream of a Youtuber career. Profits from a channel can come from several sources. The simplest are ads that are displayed to platform users when watching content. 

Popular creators often get suggestions for creating sponsored content. It's not just about Youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If you run a channel on a narrow field, even with several thousand fans, you have the chance to establish beneficial cooperation. 

  • TikTok

This platform is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among younger users. This group is getting harder and harder to get through traditional ads. Therefore, brands are eager to establish cooperation with creators operating in TikTok.

  • Instagram

It is primarily a platform for influencer marketing. Partners associated with fashion are mainly looking for brands related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

  • Blog

This form has already appeared in the 1990s but is still not losing popularity. The basis for creating a good blog is high-quality content. If you are passionate about some field, you will definitely be able to prepare materials that will attract users. 

On the blog, you can earn primarily by displaying ads, but also by working with brands that are happy to outsource the creation of sponsored articles and submit products for review. 

  • Professional content creation

It's a solution for people who feel good writing. Internet content is primarily blog articles, social media posts, and website texts. 

  • Web design

Creating websites is a big market - after all, every company or institution needs a website. Until recently, coders were involved in the design. Now - thanks to tools like WebWave - you can create professional pages without coding. If you are interested in graphic design and have an aesthetic sense, try your hand at this business.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a business idea that doesn't fall into these categories, that's great. Developing a new niche is a chance for rapid development. 


Freelancer career

A freelancer is a person creating on commission without a permanent contract. By starting an online business you will become such a person. There are major changes related to this in your life.

You'll be your own boss

Are you fed up with your supervisor's orders? Freelance is for you! You decide how to work. You will also be directly responsible for carrying out orders to clients. This is a great solution especially if you are sure of your skills.

Your earnings will depend entirely on you

Do you need extra cash? You can accept more orders. Need some rest? You can suspend your business at any time.

You will work whenever you want 

The work schedule depends on you. Do you prefer to work intensively 3-4 days a week? Or maybe you want to distribute tasks more evenly? In any case, you decide how to plan your work.


The 5 most popular activities for a freelancer

The freelancer career is most often decided by people working in several industries.

  • Web design

Creating pages from a to z is a lucrative occupation. An undoubted advantage is the fact that virtually every job is a lot of work, and thus a lot of money. That's why website designers don't have to spend a lot of time looking for customers. 

  • Copywriting

Every professional website needs content. If you can write, you will quickly create a portfolio and gain a reputation. Competition in this field is quite large, so it's worth to create high-quality materials. This will allow you to get permanent, well-paid jobs.

  • Creating a blog

It's the perfect job for professionals. Your blog is the perfect place to show yourself. As a blogger, you are a 100% independent creator.

  • Graphics

It is also a huge market. Every company needs a logo and visual communication. That's why you can easily find jobs online. 

  • Text correction

The good text should be checked for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style. If you feel like a master of the language and have a good eye for detail - this is the perfect career path for you.


7 tips on productivity at work

Self-employment involves the need for the good organization of time and regularity. This will keep you productive. Here are some tips to help you find a balance between free time and earning. 

Set a working time frame

When starting your own business, it is difficult to separate your free time from work. That is why it is worth setting the starting and ending hours at the beginning. Thanks to this, you will find it easier to rest, and as a result, you will complete the planned tasks faster. 

Use tools to organize your work

On the internet, you will find many tools that will help in planning tasks. Trello and Monday.com are quite popular among freelancers. Try several solutions and choose the one that works best for you. 

Find a place to work 

Try to find a space that will only serve you to perform professional duties. Many people like to work in a cafe. Some decide to rent a co-working space. At the beginning, however, a simple desk is enough. Try not to work in bed or on the sofa - these places should serve you to rest. 



Hang out with friends

Working from home is easy to lose touch with family and friends. Remember to regularly leave your "cave" and meet people. 

Have time for passion

Life is not only about work. Do not neglect passions not directly related to earning.


Contract work is often associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Remember the daily dose of movement. Regular exercise will help maintain energy and a good mood. 

Pay attention to the diet

A diet rich in vitamins and micro-elements supports the work of the mind and prevents fatigue. 


What costs do you need to prepare for?

Although starting an online business does not come at a high cost, sometimes you have to pay some expenses. They are primarily associated with creating and maintaining a website. 

How much does a website cost?

At the beginning of your business presence on Facebook or Google My Business may be sufficient. After some time, however, there is a need to create a professional website. 



Website creation

Creating a very simple website costs at least a couple of hundreds of euro. More complicated projects can be much more expensive. 

Fortunately, you can create a professional site yourself. On the web you will find many website builders that allow you to create pages without coding. One of them is WebWave. You can use one of the ready-made templates or easily create a page from scratch.


Domain and hosting

Your website needs a name - domain and space on the server, where the files that make up the website - hosting.

Both of these services are paid cyclically. Prices for domain and hosting have a wide range and depend on many factors. For websites created in WebWave, the annual domain and hosting fee starts from PLN 300 a year. 

As you can see, the expenses of running an online business are not high. In addition, most of them can be entered in the costs of doing business and tax deductible.


How to start an online business

If you have already chosen a niche and know what is involved in self-employment, it's time to get to work. At the beginning it is worth getting to know the competition.

Market research, or how to know your competition

The analysis of competitors' activities will allow you to find your niche and tell you what to do to effectively compete with other entities. It consists of several stages.

  • Offer

Check exactly what products and services your competitors offer, what makes them different and what they lack.

  • Target group

Find out to whom competitors are directing their offer. Investigate what characterizes the target group. Meet their needs and fears. Find out what vocabulary they use.

  • Competitive advantage

Determine what distinguishes your offer from the competition and why potential customers would choose you. 

  • Sales Channels

Check how companies reach their customers. Pay attention to the content of the information provided and the language of communication with the target group. 

  • Funding

Try to find out where the competition funds come from and how much they are. A good source of such knowledge are interviews with entrepreneurs who have been successful in a given field.

After collecting data about companies operating in your niche, you will determine their good and bad features. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and imitate effective moves. 

  • Prepare the right materials 

When creating an internet business, you need to ensure a consistent brand image. Graphic materials will help you with this. 

  • The logo 

This is the basic element of visual communication. It will be on virtually all of the materials you create - from websites to emails. It is worth commissioning this task to a professional. If you do not have enough budget - you can be tempted to create a logo in the graphics program or one of the generators designed for it. 

  • Business cards

It would seem that in the internet age it is obsolete. Business cards are, however, useful in personal contacts. When starting an internet business, you should participate in meetings and conferences where you can establish business contacts. Business cards will be very useful for this. 

  • Design a website

A website is an important element of building an image. The sooner you go about creating it, the better. A good website will help you attract new customers and inspire their trust. 


What tools should you use?

Creating a website can be done by a specialist. Unfortunately, this involves considerable costs. If you want to create an original, professional website without coding, it's worth using WebWave. Thanks to our website builder you can design a working website in just a few minutes. 


How to promote an online business?

You have already prepared an offer that distinguishes you from the competition. Now it's time to promote your online business. There are many channels that allow this. At first, it's best to focus on a few most important ones.

Use the potential of SEO and SEM - How to be visible on the Internet? 

The basis of online presence is visibility in Google search results. Over 90% of network users use this browser. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your website in this respect. How to do it?

Appropriate saturation with key phrases

Key phrases are phrases that tell Google users and algorithms what your site is about. For example, if you create websites and work in Krakow, users should get to your site by entering phrases such as "websites of Krakow" or "creating websites". 

Page loading time

The faster your site loads, the higher it is indexed by Google. Make sure the site is not too "heavy" - do not use many graphic elements or animations.

Adaptation to mobile devices 

Google rewards sites that work well on phones and tablets. Remember to adapt your site to mobile devices. 

Internal linking

In order for Google's algorithms to properly crawl your site, they must reach all webpages. You will make it easier for them if you put links leading to them in the content of the website. 

How to become a professional in the eyes of potential customers? 

The fact that potential customers will notice your offer is not enough. You must convince them that you are a reliable partner. To do so, you can use several strategies. 

Write a blog 

A blog is an ideal place to present expert knowledge. Add it to your site to show users that you know your stuff. This type of content also has marketing significance. If you write high-quality texts on topics of interest to your audience, you will be high in Google search results. 

Be present in social media as an expert in your field 

Facebook or LinkedIn, which is becoming more and more popular, are great platforms for expert statements. Join thematic groups and take part in discussions. This way you can also promote your blog. 


Potential customers should not only remember you. Your online business should have positive associations with them. This is brand awareness. Its construction consumes a large part of the budget of the largest companies. Operating on a small scale, however, you can achieve good results by following a few rules. 

First of all, in communication with customers, focus on the values that your company represents and the features that make it stand out from the competition. Secondly, take care of visual consistency - all materials created by you should have a consistent graphic design. Thirdly, make sure that the message in all channels of contact with potential customers is consistent.


Use available online tools

Running an online business can seem overwhelming at first. However, there are tools that will help you save time.



Google My Business

It is a platform on which you can quickly and easily create a profile of your online business. This is one of the simplest, but also the most effective forms of reaching potential customers. Place the most important information there, such as company name, registered office address or scope of activity. Answer questions and respond to user reviews. 

Google Docs

This is another suggestion from the creators of the largest search engine. It is a good alternative to traditional office programs. The undoubted advantage of Google Docs is the ability to easily share and edit materials, which speeds up and streamlines the work with the client. 


This is an online tool for creating graphic designs. On the one hand it is easy to use, on the other it offers a lot of editing options. You can use them to create a wide range of graphic designs. 


How to sell products online

For many people, online business is primarily sales. But all this was to no avail. The global network allows you to reach customers around the world giving you the chance to reach even a very specialized niche. How to offer products online? There are two options to choose from.

  • Intermediate platforms

These are popular solutions for those starting their adventure with internet business. Just set up an account on one of the portals and you can start selling. 

The disadvantage of this solution is the low flexibility. The pages of sellers on individual websites are confusingly similar to each other. It is difficult to stand out and build a coherent brand image.

  • Online shop

This solution allows you to create a tool 100% tailored to your needs. The online store will look and function exactly as you want. Thanks to your own store, you will take care of the customer experience and build a strong brand. 

Unfortunately, creating a professional online store usually comes at a high cost and takes a long time. Fortunately, at WebWave we have created a simple online store that is ideal for people setting up an online business.


What internet business pays off

Many beginners ask themselves this question. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to the question. The basis of success is a good recognition of market needs and finding the right niche. How to do it? There is no universal way to do it. Perseverance in pursuing a goal and diligence is necessary. 


How to develop an internet business

If your online business is a success, you will need to consider scaling it, which means adjusting "capacity" to your demand. 

Business scaling

Scalability is the ability to meet the growing demand for your services. For example, if you run a store where you take orders yourself, you manually address parcels and take them to the post office yourself, at some point, you will stop working with orders. 

Therefore, at the beginning of your business, you should think about a model that will allow you to minimize the risk of such blockages. Bet on the automation of processes and assume at the beginning that the scale of your business can increase quickly. As a result, your online business will not be a victim of its own success. 



Your own online business is a chance to make your dreams come true, independence and good earnings. Starting an online business certainly requires courage and self-discipline. However, it is worth deciding on this step. 

We hope that the tips in this article will help you take the first step. The WebWave website creator will also be useful, where you can create your company page quickly, simply and without costs.



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