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Screenshot responsive website free website builder WebWave white label
Website created in free white label responsive website builder WebWave multilingual
Photohrapger portfolio example free responsive website builder
Tablet Photohrapger portfolio example responsive website builder WebWave


Tomek Słupski is a professional photographer who won many prizes in prestigious photography contests.

He built his website without coding in WebWave.

Slider with characteristic photos, which change every couple of seconds.

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Coworking offices. They say about themselves "In ClockWork we combine practice and theory. Everything works and we know why." We weren't surprised when they decided to use WebWave to build an outstanding responsive website.

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Lightbox is a perfect tool to introduce your portfolio. 

RWD adjusts your website to computer, tablet and mobile screen, so you can be sure your photos look amazing wherever user sees them.

Lightbox used to present photos of coworking office.

Chart used to present company's offer in a transparet way. It has been created with text sections and forms. 

ClockWork website is available in 6 languages. In case some more were needed, it would be easy to create additional versions.

Google Maps is one click away.

Button functionality used as a link to Facebook.

Made in WebWave main page responsive website builder screenshot main page white label


That's right! This website has also been created in WebWave :) 

Parallax effect is perfect to preset screenshots in a unique way.

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We placed a short youtube video to show our customers what WebWave is and how to use it.

Animation on show gives a pleasant effect of wave animation. You can also set each element's transparency.

WebWave supports vectorial files .svg. Enjoy amazing quality and short loading time of a website.

On this button we used animation "enlargement" and feature "bounce-in-out" to draw user's attention.

Slider with automatical animation presents logos of companies who use WebWave in every day work.

Simple menu with only the most important subpages makes it easy for users to find our offer, templates and other helpful information.

Layers let you control pictures' and other elements' layout so the composition meets your expectations.


Website of Restaurant Tuscany where you can order delicious pizza online

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Thumbnail exemplary website restaurant online orders responsive white label website builder WebWave
Toskania mockup laptop exemplary website restaurant online orders responsive free website builder WebWave
Toskania tablet exemplary website restaurant online orders responsive website builder WebWave
Toskania mobile exemplary website restaurant online orders responsive website builder WebWave

Well considered navigation bar makes it simple to find key information we are looking for. 

Orders are taken with internal online system. In WebWave you will easily integrate most order and reservation systems.

Simple, graphical background with parallax effect perfectly corresponds with text section.

Each subpage has been created individually and has unique style. It is a perfect way of presenting restaurant's offer in interesting way. 

Examplary online bicycle shop in responsive website builder WebWave - landing page
Examplary online bicycle shop in responsive website builder main page
Examplary online bicycle shop in website builder responsive free WebWave


Unique city bicycles need to have their own website. Balticabicycles is a perfect example of how to build a website with online shop feature in WebWave.  

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Slider used to present bicycles' pictures. 

Many conventional modules are used on this website. With WebWave feature that allows to paste external code it is easy to connect other applications to your website.  In this builder the sky is the limit.

Articles functionality used to display list of bicycles available in the shop. 

Lifestyle picture is set at 100% screen width. 

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