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12 December 2018

  • Lazy loading in WebWave


5 December 2018

  • Build a shop in WebWave! 


4 December 2018

  • WebWave status and mailbox monitoring


22 November 2018

  • Information about website publication in browser tab


14 November 2018

  • Change in builder text menu
  • Element edition button always visible in menu


8 November 2018

  • Bring back website from before backup on your own


23 October 2018

  • Icon „More actions” next to elements
  • New style and features in contextual menu


18 października 2018

  • Automatic layers repulsion


10 October 2018

  • Elements sets 
  • Moving elements and groups directly to a footer


26 October 2018

  • Switching Premium Plan and automatic transfer of domain and mailbox


19 October 2018

  • Independent restoring page from a publication


11 October 2018

  • New payments window
  • A new window for building a website


30 September 2018

  • Stock photos optimalization


22 September 2018

  • Webste loading time optimalization 
  • Improved SEO on websites


9 September 2018

  • Increased speed of loading Goolge Fonts


1 September 2018

  • Popup informing about active external links
  • CMS displayed in main page's language


18 August 2018

  • Optional activation of automatical payment for domain


10 August 2018

  • Blocking content changed by button 
  • Imrproved SEO for multilingual websites


1 July 2018

  • The deleted old mobile version
  • Changed name for the payable subscription


16 June 2018

  • Changes in the URL address generator


30 May 2018

  • Hide element animation


9 May 2018

  • Position group of elements as fixed


12 April 2018

  • Interactions – new button feature - action after click
  • Turn on pictures compression in the newsfeed


28 March 2018

  • Full-screen pictures in articles
  • Increased length of meta description to 300 characters


14 March 2018

  • Refreshed panel to manage action after clicking on an element


8 March 2018

  • Brand new dropdown list of subpages and articles 


27 February 2018

  • Change your website name in the builder


16 February 2018

  • More independent settings on a list of articles in RWD view.


1 February 2018

  • New teamwork possibilities
  • Simplified work with elements in the builder
  • Refreshed help menu 


17 January 2018

  • Change the edition panel's height on smaller screens
  • Turn the hints on again 


9 January 2018

  • Paginate pages in articles list's settings
  • Simplified access to fonts added with Google Fonts
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