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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

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Planned features

Webmaster's marketplace

  • We will be connecting WebWave's users, who tried to create websites themselves, with webmasters experienced with creating websites with WebWave.
  • Webmasters working with WebWave will get more customers, and WebWave users will get another way to make their website better.


Showing objects after page is scrolled

  • Stabilize this feature and remove bugs that have surfaced during first 3 months of premiere
  • Showing objects after scroll will be a pro function visible only after turning pro mode on

Groups of elements

  • Adding your own groups to folders to organize those groups better
  • Improvements of premade groups - better looking groups, better organized for faster use
  • Everyone will be able to create as many groups of elements as they need



  • You will be able to turn a group into a section. Section will be 100% wide and will automatically push other objects on the page. This will make it much easier to create a modular website, and will be super useful for creating mobile friendly websites easier.


Edit cookies bar

  • You will be able to set your own text to be visible in the cookies bar 
  • You will be able to add custom links to text in the cookies bar
  • It will be possible to set your own buttons and text on the cookies bar


Get commission for creating templates for WebWave 

  • You will be able to submit your template to WebWave. WebWave's customers will be able to use those templates, and if someone gets a premium plan for your template you will get commission


Responsive web design

  • Algorithms that automatically re-arrange the desktop design for tablets and mobile devices will be improved.


We’re always planning new features for the WebWave Editor. If you have any suggestions on what we should be working on next, go ahead and contact us via email or vote on our forum.


What we’re working on:

What's next?

Planned premiere: August 2021

Planned premiere: September 2021

Planned premiere: October 2021

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