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Every user registered with your unique link will be automatically assigned to you and you will get a commission from every hosting plan purchased by them. 

We support you in search of new users and provide you with promotional images and banners. 

You can download them here and use them without limitations wherever you want! 


Go to webmasters panel and join the WebWave affiliate program!

How to join the affiliate program.

Include the link in your emails, website, social media platform or youtube channel if you have one.

To recommend and earn, you need to sign up for a Free Account and download your unique Affiliate link located on the right hand side of the webmaster panel in the Recommend and Earn section.

First, read the terms and conditions of WebWave 30% Affiliate Program. Starting to use the Affiliate Program is equivalent to accepting the regulations stated in the T&C.

Commission Example*

Let's say one person signs up to a Free Account on WebWave via your Affiliate Link. They build 2 websites and purchase 2 x 12 month Premium Plan subscriptions (one for each website). This person will receive a 50% discount on one of the Premium Plans that they purchase.


You would accumulate a commission of:

Plan 1: 30% x ($300 x 50% plan discount) = $45.00 

Plan 2: 30% x $300 = $90.00

Total commission earned in your WebWave Account= $145.00


Ongoing Commission Payments

You will receive ongoing commission payments on these plans plus any additional plans that this person purchases for the life of each plan.


Conditions Apply*

Commission payments only apply to plan purchases made by Free Account holders linked to your unique  Affiliate ID. Plan purchases made by Agency Account holders linked to your Affiliate ID are not eligible for this program.

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Getting Paid

You will receive commission payments directly into your WebWave Account. each time a commision is earned, you will receive an email notification.  You can keep tabs on how much you're earning by logging in to your webmaster panel. Income earned can be used on WebWave services or transferred to your bank account once your balance reaches $100 or more.

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Start Promoting

Download our official logo and other free marketing content for inclusion on your website, social media platform, youtube channel or email campaign. When someone clicks on your affiliate link they will have 30 days to sign up and make a purchase before the offer and your opportunity to earn a commission expires.

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Sign Up

Sign up for a Free WebWave Account and request your unique affiliate link via the Recommend and Earn section in your Webmaster Panel. Users must click on this link before signing up in order to receive their discount and for you to receive commission on any purchases they make.

How does it work?

50% Discount

30% Commission

50% discount on the first subscription


Your income can be used on WebWave services or when you collect more than $100 , request a transfer to your bank account.

From every Premium Plan purchase made thanks to your recommendation, you will receive 30% commission for as long as the plan remains active!

Anyone signing up for a Free WebWave Account via your Affiliate Link will receive a 50% discount when they purchase their first hosting plan subscription.

Recommend WebWave and Earn 30% Repeat Commission.

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By joining the WebWave Affiliate Program and promoting our website builder on your website, social media or youtube channel, you will earn 30% ongoing commission on every website hosting plan purchased via your Affiliate Link.

Recommend free web builder WebWave and gain your commision for each users using responsive website builder thanks to you.

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