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You - a new member of the WebWave team

The opportunity to create something meaningful is waiting for you. 

WebWave is developing very quickly and we are constantly looking for people who will support us in the process of creating our unique website builder. If you want to join our team, drop us a message. Maybe you are the person we are looking for! 

Maciej Czajkowski

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

What do I do in WebWave: Make sure you can build a website exactly like you imagine it. 

First PC: 486 with a black&white screen - spent hours playing Diablo 1 on it. 

First website: My first website was dedicated to Utopia game and consisted of tutorials translated from English. Well, it wasn't the neatest, but we all gotta start somewhere ;). 

Hobby: Playing basket, sailing and traveling the world. 



Krzysiek Szawlowski

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

What do I do in WebWave: Mostly, I take care of and develop the code of our builder - the place where you can edit a website. 

First PC: Pentium 200 MX with a crazy amount of 32 MB RAM inherited from my cousin. I waited a year for a monitor. Quake 3 was bearly working, but I managed. 

First website: Website for a company selling construction supplies. Unfortunately, the website was ugly and never made it online. 

Hobby: Cycling, games, and Linux.



Lukasz Gajewski

User Experience Manager

What do I do in WebWave: Try to make entering the website design world as painless as possible for you. 

First PC: Commodore 64, I had to load first games from audio cassettes. 

First website: Message board for 20 of my school colleagues in 2003. 

Hobby: I like to be in a move. At the moment, I am probably riding a motorcycle, yachting or am on my way to catch a flight. You can read about my trips and motorcycle adventures on the blog made in WebWave.



Adam Kuchar

Backend Developer

What do I do in WebWave: I am a backend developer, so you probably don't see my work :D. In WebWave I program features connected to publication, domains and website administration. 

First PC: At the age of 7 I started "using" my older brother's computer. I remember it was such a novelty. To this day I can recall the sound of a telephonic modem connecting to the Internet ;). 

First website: I created my first website during IT classes in junior high. It had a block structure and "bright" colors. Say what you want, it actually did fit into web design standards at the time (ah those visits counters and weather forecasts).

Hobby: Good liquors and even better food. In my free time, I like to take a nap :D. Okay, okay... I don't want you to think I am some kind of couch potato. If the weather is nice I love riding a bike in Warsaw. When it gets darker, the company keeps me a good fantasy book.



Paweł Duda

Backend Developer

What do I do in WebWave: I am responsible for integrations with external systems and analyzing, developing, testing new system solutions. I also boost a good vibe in the team. 

First PC: I got it in primary school. 

First website: I don't find website design particularly interesting, however, I always believed manually coding a website is a waste of time. That's why I joined WebWave - to help others save time. 

Hobby: In my free time I like to actively spend time with my friends and family.  I also enjoy developing my skills and facing new challenges. 



Ivan Prozorovschi

Country Manager - Romania

What do I do in WebWave: Take care of the Romanian version of the builder. 

First PC:  In junior high school, I played Counter Strike with my colleagues.

First website: A business card for IT classes. It had lots of heavy subpages and took forever to load.

Hobby: Excel - I like when everything is under control ;) 



Damian Wojciuk

Junior Developer

What do I do in WebWave: Just do what I'm told :D 

First PC: Almost 20 years ago with a limit on playing and hitting scores on ski jump in DSJ. 

First website: I guess it was a forum/blog on Harry Potter. PS have you also been waiting for a letter from Hogwarts? 

Hobby: Definitely sport, most precisely volleyball. 



Michal Pilat

Backend Developer

What do I do in WebWave: I mostly take care of the back-end, front-end on special occasions. I develop features in CRM, which help WebWave support team.  

First PC: I bought it with my money from holly communion ;) with Pentium III CPU and 32 MB RAM.

First website: In primary school.

Hobby: Cycling, watching tv series Pitbull and passionate reading discussions on StackOverflow.



Piotr Swierszcz

Javascript Developer

What do I do in WebWave:  Develop the website builder.

First PC: 1 core CPU and GPU with 256 MB RAM.

First website: Catalog with favorite games.

Hobby: Airplanes and rockets, Poland can into space.



Michal Dmitrowicz

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

What do I do in WebWave: Take care of company communication online. If the builder starts jumping out of your fridge - sorry. 

First PC: Celeron I think 333 MHz. I remember I had to buy an additional 32 MB RAM to run Diablo II. I spent my life savings on it.  

First website: Website of my cinematic society Filmoton. Did it all myself, was so proud.

Hobby: Photography for sure. When I need a break I build LEGO. From time to time I also make frame animations, with LEGO of course. 



Lukasz Fedor

SEO & SEM Specialist

What do I do in WebWave: Run SEM campaigns and optimize SEO. 

First PC: In primary school. 

First website: Of a football team I played for.

Hobby: Sport, books.



Irena Evsevitskaya

Art Director

What do I do in WebWave: I create visual materials such as banners, Social Media and blog graphics, illustrations, infographics, mailings and e-books. I also design WebWave website templates and change the visual part of WebWave subpages.

First PC: In the 6th grade. HP :)

First website: In my previous job, we made it as a team. 

Hobby: Trips, cycling and studying Italian. 



Virgil Stefan Burghelea

Marketing Specialist

What do I do in WebWave: I'm in a continuous search for new collaborators and I'm in charge of the market research and trends analysis in order to develop the popularity of the WebWave Platform in Romania and English-speaking countries.

First PC:  At the age of 13, I received an Intel MMX with 233 mhz processor and 96 mb RAM from my father, with which I started learning systems like Norton Commander and MS-DOS. In the same period, I started also with gaming activities with games like: Age of Empires, Street Fighter and FIFA Soccer 95. 

First website:  A personal website through which I'm sharing my passion with those who have similar interests and not only.

Hobby: I enjoy playing different sports, traveling and listening to good quality music.


Office Manager

What I do in WebWave: I mainly deal with finances, human resources and operational tasks. I also contact our Users. I like my work.

First PC: In the carefree days of primary school. I have no idea what parameters it had, but I remember exactly what it looked like.

First website: I made it on IT lessons in junior high school. It concerned the geography of the European Union countries.

Hobby: Sports (dancing, bike and kettlebell - a wonderful Russian invention), English and figure skating - as a spectator.

Jan Chmielowski

Content Designer

What I do in WebWave: I create content - blog, mailings, social media posts and all the materials you get from us.

First PC: Gray laptop of the Polish brand Vobis. I played GTA Vice City with the touchpad.

First website: Made on IT classes in junior high school. It consisted of a home page named "home page" and a sub-page named "second page".

Hobby: I am passionate about “Świat według Kiepskich” - a Polish comedy series, I buy instruments which I don't play afterwards, but generally it's music festivals that turn me on the most.

Adi Szczechura

Support Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I support by catching your most common problems and looking for new solutions, I conduct online training.

First PC: MacBook Pro in early 2012 (I do not count Windows).

First website: A website about my wonderful dog <3

Hobby: Currently patting the xd code. Besides some music, good food, sports and parties.

Bartosz Zalipski

Video Content Designer

What I do in WebWave: I put shapes in motion, I create video guides and promotional films.

First computer: With the old Windows 98, I only played Deluxe Ski Jump on it.

First Website: A simple website made on IT classes in primary school.

Hobby: Motion Design, music, basketball, Asian cuisine and Italian pizza.

Natalia Czaplicka

Marketing Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I try to get as many people as possible to get to know our tool.

First computer: The first one I remember still had a CRT monitor and I played Worms and Sonic. :)

First website: In addition to the page created in primary school - in the notebook during the computer science lesson - I set up a few blogs.

Hobby: I draw, play with Photoshop, follow YT, read crime fiction and watch Netflix. When it's warm, I do rollerskating. :) 

Kamil Ładziak 

Support Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I help you with problems that you encounter in the website builder by answering questions from the chat and e-mail. I also update the Knowledge Base.

First computer: Uncle's old PC with Windows XP. I used to play vintage games on it.

First website: In the second grade of technical college on IT classes. It was a website about Christmas, written in HTML and CSS.

Hobby: Walking, cycling, DIY, computer games.

Marcin Sufa 

Front End Developer

What I do in WebWave: I am a Front End Developer - I translate machine language to human language. :)

First computer: 286 with a turbo button, a great gray keyboard and a monitor that had to be covered with a filter to keep your eyes from burning out. I played Prince of Persia on it.

First website: A class website for IT classes - I brought it on a CD - its size was 200 mb, it had a playlist and colorful banners.

Hobby: Listening to audiobooks, spending time with my family, learning new things.

Sławomir Woźniak 

Front End Developer

What I do in WebWave: I beat everyone in FIFA.

First computer: Some laptop I bought with money I got from my First Communion.

First Website: A simple page for adding polls and viewing statistics related to them.

Hobby: Gym, learning foreign languages, playing guitar, playing football.

Jan Osiadacz

Key Account Manager

What I do in WebWave: I help people who want to start creating websites for clients. 

First computer: Atari.

First Website: Made with WebWave website builder.

Hobby: I've tried everything from sewing to fencing, but nothing is as fun as riding a motorcycle.

Andrii Liubchynskyi 

Support Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I don't know what I do. Apparently, I should take care of the organization of work in the support team. :)

First computer: I remember it had an Intel Pentium IV processor, I think 32 or 64 MB RAM, but it was enough for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

First Website: I am not a programmer, so far I have changed or improved pages in various CMS.

Hobby: Sports (gym, snowboard), books (recently biographies), good food. :)

Patryk Sadkowski 

Support Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I help Users in solving problems that arise while using our website builder.

First computer: I don't remember the components, but it was a screen with a "butt" and a "turbo" button on the casing. Back then, I thought that copying the game's icon to the CD and transferring it to another computer will make it possible to play it on someone else's equipment... Oh, I was severely surprised.

First Website: Fourth grade of elementary school (2010), It was a biology homework assignment. I think I put all the effects possible there. 

Hobby: Spending time actively (long bicycle trips, gym, football, boxing, wrestling), programming, reading books and further self-development.

Michał Owczarek

Support Specialist

What I do in WebWave: I deal with solving problems of WebWave Users. I help to create the websites of their dreams. See you on chat :)

First computer: My brother's old PC with a huge CRT monitor. 

First Website: An HTML page about my favorite books made during IT classes in junior high school.

Hobby: I'm passionate about sociology, advertising and new technologies. In my free time, I like walking with my beloved girlfriend and doing sports - especially Thai boxing and jogging.

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We have been developing websites for years, but writing HTML, CSS or JS code was always a waste of time. That's why we developed a website design software WebWave - to create responsive websites with any graphic design without coding for free.  

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How it all started?

From one thought. How would it be to create a website, but focus only on what really passionate us: designing the layout, enriching template with unique graphics and finally giving the customer control over the website? The idea was marvelous and the vision of taking the coding struggle off users' shoulders kept us going. 

On the coding stage, most people give up the concept of creating their own website. Cooperating with programmers is quite often strictly connected to exacerbating the project by removing important details because  "something is not possible" and learning how to code takes time and patience.

Fortunately, we developed the website builder WebWave which does all the coding for you!