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The home page of the online store distinguishes it from the competition. Most often, this is where the customers visiting your website initially get. As many as 25% of people who come into contact with your store for the first time make a purchase decision solely on the basis of its appearance and functionality. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to this element when creating your website. From this post, you will learn what elements should be included on the home page of an online store. You will also learn specific examples of well-designed websites of this type.

What should be on the home page of an online store

If you want your e-shop to attract customers, you should include some elements on your home page. The effectiveness of your website will depend on whether you use them in your project and their quality.


UX and UI

When creating any website, you have to look at it from the point of view of the person who will use it. User experience is the overall experience when using the website. User Interface refers to the user interface, i.e. elements used for its interaction with the website. You can find more about UX and UI in this article.


Well exposed Value Proposition

Value Proposition is the benefits that the customer will gain by using your offer. VP answers the question "why should I use this particular offer?". It should be a feature that distinguishes you from the competition. In the case of online stores, this is very important. Competition in the market is fierce, and many smaller and larger companies are fighting for customers.

The value proposition will depend on the business model adopted. Maybe you offer unique made-to-order products or you can deliver the goods in less than 24 hours? Remember to highlight the benefit that the client will not find in the competition. This will make your offer unique.

Value Proposition can be presented in various ways. Most often it takes the form of a slogan visible under the page header. This form is clearly visible and memorable.

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Friendly navigation

This is one of the most important aspects of the user experience (UX), which we wrote about above. Well-designed navigation makes it easy to find a product quickly. It must be remembered that time plays a significant role here and if the customer loses too much of it, he will quickly leave the store. There are several elements to good navigation.


Product listing

A well-planned list of products makes it easy to find them. If the store's offer is small and consists of only a few items, you can simply present them one above the other.

In the case of a wider offer, it will be necessary to divide the list of products into categories. Best Buy website is a good example of such a solution. Even though you can find a huge amount of items here, navigation is easy. 



Search bar

This element is especially useful when a potential customer is looking for a specific item (e.g. a selected phone model or a red M size T-shirt). It is good if the search engine shows suggestions when the user is entering the phrase. The Asos website can  be distinguished at this point. 




By distinguishing individual products from the entire offer, you will facilitate the customer's choice. Product recommendations can take various forms:

  • a gender -based division that works well for clothes and shoe stores;

  • complementary products that match those already in the basket;

  • the new arrivals you want to promote

  • bestsellers - products popular among existing customers will probably also be liked by new users.

Interesting recommendations can be found on the Decathlon website. In this case, users are offered products grouped into categories depending on their purpose - for the mountain trail, for the water, etc. We can also notice the division of the offer according to customer profiles - women, men and children.




The shopping process in most online stores is similar. The customer selects products that end up in the shopping cart. Then, the user goes to the summary page, where they can check the correctness of the order, choose the shipping and payment option.

Users are used to this form of shopping. Therefore, it is not worth changing it. There should definitely be a shopping cart icon on the home page of your online store. By clicking on it, the user can view purchases and place an order.

The shopping cart icon should be visible. Most often it is placed in the top bar of the page. This is what it looks like on the Rossmann website, for example.



The customers buy with their eyes. This principle also works on the Internet. Therefore, product photos should be placed on the home page of the store. It is important that they are original. Images downloaded from other websites lower the position of the website in the search results, and above all, they may also raise doubts when it comes to copyright.



Therefore, it is better to decide to cooperate with a photographer. You can also try to take pictures yourself. Appropriate quality equipment is getting cheaper and people who are interested in photography can take on this task.

The home page of the online store distinguishes it from the competition. Most often, this is where the customers visiting your website initially get. As many as 25% of people who come into contact with your store for the first time make a purchase decision solely on the basis of its appearance and functionality. 


This is a field where you can place several graphics that move automatically or when you click a button. This element helps in the dynamic presentation of the offer and enables the accurate presentation of several products in one place.

It is also a good place to present special offers, discounts or promotions. The slider is one of the most eye-catching elements of an online store home page. It is best to put a maximum of 4-5 graphics in it.


Page Footer

This inconspicuous element plays a very important role. This is where users will search for the most important information about your store. A well-designed footer will increase the credibility of your website. It should contain at least some following elements.



Help Options

It happens that customers need additional information or help in choosing a product. In the footer of the page, it is good to put a tab that refers to the place where they can find answers to the most important questions, a contact form with the customer service department, etc.



This is another element that should be in the footer. Store users don't always expect just help. Contact will certainly also be sought by potential employees or business partners. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an e-mail address and telephone number.


Company details

While online shopping is becoming safer, you can still find scammers. Therefore, if you want to gain the trust of customers, provide the address details of your office. Thanks to this, the customer can see that your store exists in reality.



The home page of an online store is one of the main elements that determine its effectiveness. For a quarter of users who visit the website for the first time, it is the only factor when deciding whether to use the offer.

By taking care of good user experience and by placing the right elements on the home page of your store, you will attract customers and make them more willing to buy.



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Autor: Jan Chmielowski


27 August 2020

What to look for when designing a home page for an online store

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