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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
06 August 2020

Key changes:



New domain for Agency Accounts

From now on, if you activate an agency account, your pages will be available in the yourbrand.studio domain by default. Your customers will not see the WebWave brand if you have the White Label option turned on. You can also change the yourbrand.studio domain to your own so that the websites you are working on look more professional in the eyes of your clients.


How to use this feature?

To change the domain from yourbrand.studio to your own, expand the Freelancers and agencies section in the menu on the right side of the Webmaster Panel. In the White label domain name field, enter a new domain and click the Set the domain name button.




Viewing the status of the agency domain and SSL certificate

We have facilitated the management of the agency domain. From now on, you can easily see the domain status and enable the SSL for the agency domain.


How to use this feature?

In the menu on the right side of the Webmaster Panel, expand the Freelancers and agencies section. Now you can check the Agency domain name and SSL status




Weekly site statistics reports sent to any email

From now on, you can enter an email address to which weekly reports of visits to your websites will be sent. This feature is especially useful for customers with an active Agency Account, who can set up the sending of reports directly to their clients.


How to use this feature?

On the selected page, click More options and select Statistics. Next, click Send weekly reports to the indicated e-mail address button.




Improvement of custom element groups

We have enabled saving images, e.g. in the background of elements.



6 August 2020

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