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Kreator storn internetowych nowości nagłówek
09 April 2020

Key changes:


Easy selection of text box position in the slider

Now you can easily match the look of the slider to the design of the page. You can place the text box on the slider anywhere.

How to use this feature?

Select a text element. In the Settings Panel, expand the Position and Size section. Using the icons in the Layout section you can change the position of the text field.

If you want to place a text field in a less standard place, use the Position function, which allows you to decide on the position of the text field with an accuracy of one pixel.


More convenient filtering and sorting in the Webmaster Panel

We have changed the appearance of sorting, filtering and the top menu bar to make using the Webmaster Panel more comfortable.


In the Show section, you can view all sites, pages, favorites, your own or other users.

In the Sort section, you can choose to display pages in the list from the newest, from the oldest, and in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

You can also find a page by entering its name in the search box.


Faster loading of images on published pages

We've optimized the way the images load to better suit Google requirements. Thanks to this, images load faster, which also improves the SEO of pages created in WebWave. 




9 April 2020

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