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Black Friday, Black Weekend and Cyber Monday is a harvest time for companies offering products or services to individual customers. Compared to the other days of the year, sales are more than six times higher!

Several market segments are of particular interest. These include fashion, cosmetics, household appliances and electronics. However, each industry can count on increased profits during this time.

In the era of a pandemic, online sales are of particular importance. Stationary points of sale are often closed. Besides, customers are afraid of crowds. That is why the lion's share of shopping goes online.

For all those who offer their products or services online, this is a great opportunity. However, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate offer, conduct a well-thought-out marketing campaign and, finally, prepare a website. In this post, we will deal with the latter aspect. We will show you what elements are worth placing on your website and what to do to effectively increase sales.

Get ready for increased traffic

Before making any changes, take into account that Black Friday generates a lot of traffic on the Internet. If you manage to attract visitors to your site but encounter problems there, success can easily turn into failure.

According to Google, the conversion rate drops by up to 40% on pages that load more than 5 seconds. This means that if you don't take care of your website loading speed, you can lose potential customers.

Checking the page loading speed is very simple. You can use the free Test My Site With Google tool for this purpose. If the result is green, it is charging fast enough.

What affects the page loading speed? Often the problems are related to a slow connection on the user's side. However, we have no influence on this aspect.

The reason can also be found in the website code, for example overuse of JavaScript. You should also pay attention to the bandwidth of the server on which the files that make up the page are located.

A common source of trouble is the large number of plugins attached to the site. This is a drawback especially of sites created in Wordpress. Additionally, plug-ins make your website vulnerable to hackers.

The last aspect is the size of the page, which is the amount of data that composes it. It is about elements such as animations, videos, and above all photos, which are an inseparable element of every website.

By using the WebWave website builder you can easily optimize the page loading time. Servers guarantee high bandwidth, and the wizard automatically converts graphic files to the WebP format. This is a Google-recommended format that reduces the size of the photo and only slightly affects its quality.

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This is the most common element prepared especially for Black Friday. It usually takes the full width of the screen and is at the top of the page. A well-designed Black Friday banner is first and foremost simple.

Usually it consists of information about the amount of the discount, the time frame of the promotion and a button with a call to action (eg "buy now", "find out more"). Sometimes you can also find a discount code on it.

When creating texts and graphics for a banner, you need to focus on details. Therefore, the displayed percentage of the reduction will work best here. If there is a button on the banner, it should contrast in color with the background. This will make it more visible.

Using the WebWave website builder you can create a banner in a very simple way. All you have to do is select the elements that make it up. The most common ones will be Shape, Text Box, and Button. Once added to your website design, they can be easily edited.



It usually appears a few seconds after entering the website. Its advantage is that it attracts the user's attention more than the banner. On the other hand, it can be irritable. Therefore, you must remember to put information on it that is attractive to the user and to clearly emphasize the field that closes the popup (x sign).

The pop-up design is usually similar to a banner. Most often, both contain the same elements. They differ in format - pop ups usually have a greater height and smaller width.


Page colour

In addition to creating a banner, you should think about temporarily changing the color of your website. There are two ways to do this. A safe solution is to use black accents in some elements of the page, for example, buttons or texts change.


It is more risky to use black as the dominant color. It can be used, for example, as a background color. Black is a neutral color, so it will not "clash" with other colors. On the other hand, such a radical change can badly affect the usability of the entire design, as the black is perceived as intense. This carries the risk that excess user experience will worsen. Therefore, such a change must be carefully thought out and tested.


When creating a website version for Black Friday, you can also risk using more "aggressive", vivid colors. Although today the flashy design of designs is being abandoned, Black Friday is an exception.

Users expect and even expect strong marketing messages. Therefore, you can risk a combination of black with red or yellow. These are typically "marketing" colors that still work well in Black Friday promotions.



Adaptation to mobile devices

Online store customers using phones and tablets are already responsible for 60% of traffic. Therefore, their needs cannot be forgotten. Each page must be adapted to the screens of mobile devices.

Thanks to WebWave you can easily create several versions of the website view - for computer, tablet and phone screens. For this purpose, it is enough to use the Auto RWD function, which adjusts the layout and size of elements to each type of device. You can also manually modify the page layout for all views.


Black Friday, Black Weekend and Cyber Monday is a harvest time for companies offering products or services to individual customers. Compared to the other days of the year, sales are more than six times higher!


Black Friday and the weekend and Monday that follow is a special period. During this time, the owners of the websites on which the offer is presented to customers can count on huge traffic. With properly planned activities, it will translate into real profits.

Changes to the website are one of the pillars of a successful Black Friday campaign. By taking care of the fast loading of the website, modifying its appearance and adapting to mobile devices, you can effectively gain customers and increase profits.

If you create your website in the WebWave creator, you can make all the most important changes yourself and without coding. Thanks to this, you will gain full control over the appearance of the website, as well as save time and money. Sign up for free and see how easy it is!


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Author: Jan Chmielowski


26 November 2020

How to prepare a website for Black Friday - 6 proven ways

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