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With over 334,000 subscribers worldwide, WebWave is expanding its global presence with local support now in Romania and Australia.

From the moment WebWave became a reality, our team of experts have worked hard to keep our website building software at the forefront of technology.

Many new features have been added as a result of direct feedback from our users. From the very beginning, we wanted to hear what features our users needed to keep pace with the continuously changing demands of website design.  The team at WebWave use this feedback to deliver on user expectations and make creating websites a piece of cake. 

It wasn't easy in the beginning, with strong competition and a high level of resistance from professional web designers to using website builders instead of traditional hand coded solutions.

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A powerful website creation tool and CMS that's easy to use, even for beginners.


In 2011, WebWave founder, Maciej Czajkowski's had a simple yet intriguing idea:

"what if there was an online tool that would allow anybody to design and publish websites without the need to learn any coding?"

2 years later, after lots of hard work, Maciej's idea finally became a reality when WebWave launched its revolutionary website creation platform on November 19th, 2013. Since then, WebWave has gradually evolved to become one of the world's leading Website Design and Hosting platforms.

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Read about white label website builder WebWave. See how web builder software developed over the years.

Michal Dmitrowicz

Chief Marketing Officer - Poland



What do I do at WebWave

Take care of company communication online. If the builder starts jumping out of your fridge - sorry. 

First PC

Celeron I think 333 MHz. I remember I had to buy an additional 32 MB RAM to run Diablo II. I spent my life savings on it.  

First website

Website of my cinematic society Filmoton. Did it all myself, I was so proud.


Photography for sure. When I need a break I build LEGO. From time to time I also make frame animations, with LEGO of course. 

Krzysiek Szawlowski

Chief Technology Officer - Poland



What do I do at WebWave

Mostly, I take care of and develop the code of our builder - the tool that you use to create and edit a website. 

First PC

Pentium 200 MX with a crazy amount of 32 MB RAM inherited from my cousin. I waited a year for a monitor. Quake 3 was bearly working, but I managed. 

First website:

Website for a company selling construction supplies. Unfortunately, the website was quite ugly and never made it online. 


Cycling, games, and Linux.



Lukasz Gajewski

User Experience Manager - Poland



What do I do at WebWave

Try to make entering the website design world as painless as possible for you. 

First PC

Commodore 64, I had to load first games from audio cassettes. 

First website:

Message board for 20 of my school colleagues in 2003. 


I like to be on the move! At the moment, I am probably riding a motorcycle, yachting or am on my way to catch a flight.



Ivan Prozorovschi

Country Manager - Romania



What I do at WebWave

Take care of the Romanian version of the builder. 

First PC

In junior high school, I played Counter Strike with my colleagues.

First website

A business card for IT classes. It had lots of heavy subpages and took forever to load.


Excel - I like when everything is under control ;) 

Maciej Czajkowski

CEO WebWave - Poland



What I do at WebWave

Make sure you can build a website exactly like you imagine it. 

First PC

486 with a black&white screen - spent hours playing Diablo 1 on it. 

First website

My first website was dedicated to Utopia game and consisted of tutorials translated from English. Well, it wasn't the neatest, but we all gotta start somewhere :)


Playing basketball, sailing and traveling the world. 

Tony Venables

Director - WebWave Australia



What I do at WebWave

Marketing, Sales and Customer Support for Australian subscribers.

First PC

Learning how to program in BASIC using a Sinclair ZX 81 that only had 1Kb of static RAM.

First website

An eCommerce website for purchasing compatible inkjet cartridges that I built using  an early open source platform called X-Cart.


Playing tennis and watching sci-fi  movies no matter how bad they are.

Management Team